In Memoriam – Ingrid Wilhite

Ingrid Wilhite died in San Francisco on Tuesday, January 15th, of brain cancer. She will be buried near her family in Boise, Idaho. A memorial service is planned in the Bay Area.

If you don’t know Ingrid’s name, you probably heard of Fun with a Sausage or L’Engenue, both porn videos some of the first ones distributed by Fatale. They played at the film festivals back in the early 1980s right as the lesbian sex wars were heating up. 

“People loved them,” Nan says. “Lesbians were taking themselves so seriously in those days, it was grim. Then along came Ingrid and she made them laugh at themselves. Her sense of humor was a delight.”

We mourn the passing of a witty, intelligent woman who wasn’t afraid to break the rules and jump-start the lesbian porn revolution.

That revolution has led to the success of Fatale Media, S.I.R. Video, Blank Tapes, Pink & White Productions and many, many more women who take the camera—and their sexuality—into their own hands.

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