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President-Elect Barack Obama

It’s a beautiful day. There’s a giddiness in the air. It’s as if we, as a country, are heaving a tremendous sigh of relief. We went to bed last night knowing we have our country back, knowing democracy is here again.

We don’t often talk politics, but this is a great day for all lesbians, queers, gays, trans, bi and open-minded straight folks. At last we are part of the conversation once again. At last we are permitted to sit at the table.

Last night, as we watched the electoral votes roll in for Obama, first we were laughing and high-fiving, then laughing some more, and suddenly we were crying. We knew this was history being made, right before our eyes.

Thank you to all who worked on Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Thank you for the inspiration, and for spreading the inspiration and hope into every town and city in America. Thank you all our friends outside the U.S. who have supported us here in the States.

Deborah Sundahl shared this letter from Terje in Norway, owner of Cupido:

What a night! We didn’t go to bed before we got Barack’s speech 6.30 Norwegian time this morning. We spent the night with good friends, a delicious duck, good wines, fine champagne, CNN and the U.S. electoral map.

Greet all Americans from us and thank them for taking responsibility and spreading inspiration and hope.



2 Responses to “Obama!”

  1. Archie Hill Says:

    Barack Obama is the best democrat president in my opinion. he makes the best judgment and foreign policies.. .

  2. Jeremiah Ramirez Says:

    i could readily say that Barack Obama will be one of the greatest US Presidents”*,

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