Happy New Year Questions

A college friend wrote this “year-end post” on Facebook, and we liked it so much we asked for and received her permission to send it to you. We agree with her that 2009 has been “an absolutely rotten year” for many people, including friends, family, even strangers.

So here are the end-of-year questions

NewYearsTopHat_optone What was one good thing that happened in your life in 2009? One bad thing?

two What do you think you learned this year, if anything?

three Do you have any 2010 resolutions, plans or dreams?

Our friend added: “For a few people, this has been a fantastic year. I fervently hope that this trend continues for them and leaks all over everyone else.”

What do you think? Send us your answers here at the Comments section of the Fatale blog. We’ll be posting our answers too.

Happy New Year!

Yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi

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One Response to “Happy New Year Questions”

  1. authorCC says:

    One good thing that happened in 2009 happened way early on, and in one word: OBAMA! Our first black president, our first Dem after such a long, long stretch with W. One bad thing: Nan had to have surgery, and that was pretty scary.

    What I learned through all that, though, was how much people really care, and bothered to care, about Nan, about us, about her diagnosis and outcome, and she was absolutely fine after the surgery. A huge relief. But I learned not to take anything for granted.

    For 2010, I have several resolutions, more plans and even more dreams. My immediate goal is to write them all down in our special red “Goals Book” this weekend.

    Thank you!


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