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Fatale Media In The News

Best Porn by and for Lesbians
"Best Porn by and for Lesbians"
No fewer than a dozen of Fatale's best-selling lesbian DVDs are featured in this popular list of recommendations.

Read the web article.


The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health
"Top 10 Sex Education Films"
The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health
Healing Sex: The Complete Guide to Sexual Wholeness, directed by S.I.R. Video's Shar Rednour, is number one on this invaluable list. Talk to Me Baby, also starring and directed by Shar Rednour, is number 5 on the list. This Rhode Island-based center provides excellent resources!

Read the web article.


Violet Blue, Tiny Nibbles
"Women Watch Porn: All About Porn for Women"
by Violet Blue, Tiny Nibbles
Violet Blue calls Fatale Media "the makers of some of the finest independent lesbian porn available." Thanks, Violet!

Read the web article.


Curve Magazine
"Hot 'n' Heavy"
Curve Magazine
October 2009

Courtney Trouble reviews the best lesbian porn, including Hard Love and How to Fuck in High Heels, One Night Stand, Sugar High Glitter City, Champion and more.

Read the blog posting.


Greta Christina's Blog
WIA - Women in Adult
"WIA Profile: Nan Kinney"
October 2009

The XBiz-sponsored Women in Adult profiles Fatale founder and president Nan Kinney.

Greta Christina's Blog
"One Night Stand: A Review"
Greta Christina reviews One Night Stand
Greta Christina's Blog
April, 2009

"A queer/ dyke/ tranny-boi porno from France, One Night Stand is an intense, authentic, raunchy porno, with a kinky sensibility, an emphasis on immediacy and heat, and a gritty, arty, urban feel....One Night Stand is a clear winner..."


Curve Magazine
"Sexy Queer Flicks"
Curve Reviews One Night Stand
January/February 2009
Courtney Trouble reviews One Night Stand in the Curve 2009 Sex Issue.

"Hot femmes and andro girls all get it on in this movie, with strap-ons, fisting, black gloves and more. This is the new wave of LGBT porn."

Essin' Em
Sexuality Happens with Essin' Em
Aired December 18, 2008 and reaired December 19, 2009

An interview with Nan Kinney by the fabulous Essin' Em!


Vue Weekly
"Queermonton: She's a Femme Fatale"
By Tamara Gorzalka, December 4, 2008
"Queermonton: You're in Control"
By Tamara Gorzalka, December 18, 2008

Tamara Gorzalka interviews Nan Kinney about women's porn, On Our Backs and One Night Stand in Vue, Edmonton's independent weekly.


Part 2 of Tamara Gorzalka's interview with lesbian pornographer Nan Kinney about Fatale Media for Vue, Edmonton's weekly alternative newspaper. Tam and Nan explore why women have a hard time admitting they like porn, the best new porn films out there and more.


Sex Geek
"Finally, A One Night Stand"
By Andrea Zanin, November 25, 2008

Andrea Zanin, a.k.a. Sex Geek, gives a rave review of One Night Stand for her blog about "thoughts on sex and life."


AVN News
"One Night Stand (Pour Une Nuit)"
By Brandon Milton, October, 2008
"Jouvet, like Goddard before her, dares to capture lightning in a bottle," writes Brandon Milton in the AVN review of One Night Stand.


"Best Lesbian Porn by and for Women"
By Catherine Plato, Fall, 2008

Catherine Plato, About.com's Lesbian Life Guide, reviews and assesses the best lesbian porn—including several from Fatale—made by and for women.


"'Pour Une Nuit' In Gay (Er, Lesbian) Paree"
By Gram Ponante, July 24, 2008
Gram Ponante reviews One Night Stand: "[T]he excellent soundtrack and appealing, occasional outside filming make Paris look like it is crawling with predatory lesbians...with not one shot of the phallic Eiffel Tower in sight."


About.com: “Nan Kinney - Uncovering a Pornographic Lesbian Sensibility”
By Cory Silverberg, November, 2007
Cory Silverberg, About.com’s Sexuality Guide, interviews Nan about Fatale, lesbian porn and the many changes that have taken place since Fatale first started pushing lesbian porn. Posted on About.com’s Sexuality home page in November, 2007.


The Stranger The Stranger: “Porn: Sailing the Seas of Lesbian Sleaze”
By Kelly O, November 17, 2007
Yes, we agree! Dyke porn is alive and well. Fatale is mentioned prominently in this article from The Stranger, “Seattle’s Only Newspaper.”


XBiz XBiz World: “Where are the Real Lesbians?”
By Anne Winter, September, 2007

Why are lesbian producers are slow to jump online? Nan is quoted extensively in this adult industry article. XBiz World published this article in September 2007 and posted it online on October 30, 2007.


g3 magazine - July 2006

G3: “Is Porn...Just a Four-Letter Word?”
by Cathryn Setz, July 2006

“In the 80s lesbian sexuality was mainly portrayed as vanilla, side-by-side sex. There simply wasn’ anything hardcore. Today, US-based Fatale Media is the world’s largest lesbian-made production company...President Nan Kinney recalls, ‘Porn was a dirty word.’”

Get the whole interview with Nan Kinney here.

Laura Kiritsy interviews Nan for Fatale's 21st birthday!

Bay Windows Bay Windows: “Debbie Does Debbie”
by Laura Kiritsy, March 2, 2006

Têtu Magazine - April 2005

“Contre-culture Porno lesbien, une initiation”
by Judith Silberfeld, April 2005

Check out the April 2005 issue of Têtu, in French, for a great history of lesbian porn. Nan Kinney is quoted extensively, and there's ratings on all the best lesbian pornos, including Fatale's lesbian videos!

Esquire April 2004 Don't miss the interview with Fatale Video founder Nan Kinney in the April 2004 Esquire in "The Five-Minute Guide to Lesbians" by Beth Greenfield.

“Where Are They Now?”

Don’t forget to pick up the June 2002 issue of Curve magazine and read the article by Diane Anderson-Minshall - "Where Are They Now?"

There’s a great pic of Nan and you can read all about the history of Fatale Videos, when Nan co-founded On Our Backs with Deborah Sundahl and Susie Bright, and what we’re up to now... “Pushing the limits of transgressive imagery.”

Pride.02: The Magazine for Gay Pride in the USA is on the newsstands too with a fabulous article by Hanne Blank, "Lesbian Erotica: Grrrls going XXX," and

from Suburban Dykes, Clips and Dress Up for Daddy. "Fatale Media has grown and prospered," Blank writes, "producing a generous array of authentically queer porn for women and, more recently, some men."

“All Girl Action: Lesbian Porn Lowdown”

Check out Jessica Parker's lesbian porno review, with lots of goodies about Fatale, at gay.com (U.K.).

“Nan Kinney: Dyke Porn Pioneer”

Rachel K. Bussel's interview with our fearless lesbian leader.

Trade Magazine interviews our very own Nan Kinney:

Read Nan's comments on founding On Our Backs, the genesis of Fatale Video, Bend Over Boyfriend, Real Lesbian Sex video contest and more. Writer Sarah Armstrong engages Nan on hot topics old and new.

Fatale Bestsellers

Afterschool Special
Winner of the 1st Annual
Real Lesbian Sex Contest

Category: Shorts

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Afterschool Special

Winner of the Fatale Media First Annual
Real Lesbian Sex Contest
- Shorts

More about the contest

Boston dykes do the nasty when they go after the
naughtiest good girl.

“These dewy-skinned dykes exude excitement, and are clearly having a blast...Amateur aficionados should check out this rare real lesbian sex production.”
- On Our Backs, October/November 2001 

Orders ship within 24 hours.

“But I like boys...”

Suburban Dykes
is in the news!

Suburban Dykes

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On Our Backs interviews Sharon Mitchell:

Suburban Dykes star Sharon Mitchell talks to Tristan Taormino in the August/September issue of On Our Backs.

“Pepper is brilliant, and Nina ought to have a postage stamp issued in her honour.”

- FHM (U.K. edition) "Letter From Lesbos," September 2001

Fatale Bestseller!
Bend Over Boyfriend

Bend Over Boyfriend

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Thanks to all our friends and fans who voted for “BOB” as the verb of choice for men who like to get fucked by their women. And while Dan Savage agrees that “BOB” is the best word, we were sadly outvoted.

Read the results of Dan's poll.

Christi & Nan

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