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Fatale Media   Fatale Media Newsletter March 2006
In This Issue: Lesbian Porn Comes of Age: Fatale Turns 21 
•  Lesbian Porn Comes of Age: Fatale Turns 21
•  Q&A: Ask Fanny...Is Bleeding Normal?
•  Sex Tips & Tricks: Double Your Pleasure,
Shar Confesses
•  Sex Toys and the Imagination
•  Fatale Vids Now on DVD
•  New Poll: Phone Sex?
Lesbian Porn Comes of Age: Fatale Turns 21

Dear Friend,

Lesbian porn is finally legal. Fatale Media, founded by Nan Kinney and Deborah Sundahl, has turned 21, the legal age in the U.S. for purchasing and viewing porn.

Due in large part to Nan’s influence behind the camera and in speaking out to the press, times have changed since the pornless lesbian days of the mid-‘80s. Nan, also the cofounder of On Our Backs, recalls, “In 1985, when Fatale released Private Pleasures and Shadows, there was no such thing as porn made by and for women. Porn was a dirty word. Now the industry is burgeoning with independent, women-made porn companies.”

Over the past 21 years, Nan’s driving passion has set the standard for women in the industry and encouraged other women to make it their own. A full generation of young women exposed to woman-made sex-positive images has bred a new crop of “outlaw” women pornographers such as Tristan Taormino and Shar Rednour.

Shar says, “Nan was such a trailblazer, when no other lesbians were doing it she figured it all out—how to fund the videos, how to do the shoots, how to make porn creative and fun. When my partner Jackie Strano and I started S.I.R. Video Productions, it was Nan who believed in us right from the start. She brings joy and humor to the genre.”

Three of Fatale’s videos — How to Female Ejaculate: Find Your G-Spot; Bend Over Boyfriend; and Take Her Down! — were honored with nominations by Adult Video News for its AVN Adult Video Awards.

So, friends, we want to thank you for the years of your support, advice and encouragement as we trailblaze on in the 21st century, at long last all grown up but always astonished at the magic of lesbian porn.

Yours in good sex and love,

Nan & Christi

See Fatale’s groundbreaking porn

Sex Tips & Tricks: Double Your Pleasure--Fatale Exclusive, Shar Confesses

Shar Rednour is one of our favorite people. She’s known Nan since On Our Backs, they worked together on Bend Over Boyfriend and she went on to found her own company, S.I.R. Video, which titles are now distributed and sold by Fatale.

Double Your Pleasure--Fatale Exclusive

Shar Confesses

By Shar Rednour

Every newly out, exploring-her-sexuality lesbian gets so psyched about the Double-Headed Dildo--DH-D let's call it. Thinking that it's the be-all and end-all of pleasure. BOTH OF US get DONE at the same time!!

In reality, those long-dong rubber bats can make you feel safe in a dark alley but like a broken kitchen sink when you're in the sack. I almost gave my first girlfriend a concussion trying to get into positions.

Luckily now there's Vixen Creations’ Nexus and Nexus Jr., which have a little nub for your clit, a curve for your humping and basically a bump-n-grind stoplight (literally the "nexus") that leads to maximum, over-the-top Os.

For some position ideas check out my scene with Josephine X in Talk to Me Baby, and Carol Queen really shows the rights and the wrongs to Lisa Lixx in Bend Over Boyfriend 2.

To my Fatale friends only I have a confession. To begin my scene with Josie in Talk to Me Baby, I strapped on with a hot, metallic red buckle harness with silvery specks that matched my shoes.

After making out, Josie straddled me. We both got so turned on --her smoldering eyes bearing into me as she slowly, wickedly ground her pussy on my cock. Making every thrust count.

The Confession: soon my pleasure got overrun by my pain as the buckles bruised my hipbones. See if you can find my moan that ends in a groan (I tried to hide it). We stopped shooting, and an assistant pulled that harness off of me and switched to a non-buckle one. Josie hid the harness color with her legs for consistency’s sake. But see if you can find a “blooper.”

Sex Ed Tip of the Day: Don’t lie on your back wearing a sexy chunky buckle harness over your hipbones while a hottie rides you!


Send your comments to christi@fatalemedia.com.

Check out Shar in Talk to Me Baby

Fatale Videos Now on DVD

You asked for it, we promised, and now the DVDs are mostly in. We’ve staged the production roll-out, and there are more coming.

Now on DVD, in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours:

Clips - three vignettes including Greta’s anal masturbation scene; Nan and Deborah in a funny skit that ends in Deb’s G-spot geyser; and Coco Jo and Houlihan’s sexy scarf play.

Take Her Down! Lesbian Erotic Oil Wrestling Party - heaven and oil.

Hungry Hearts - Pepper and Reeva share a romantic, sexy weekend at a resort.

Bathroom Sluts - these are girls gone wild!

Also on DVD:

Suburban Dykes - with the inimitable Nina Hartley and Miss Sharon Mitchell.

Full Load: Scenes from ssspread.com - yowza! These dykes can’t be stopped!

Afterschool Special and Turn Me Up Over and On - this double DVD of amateur lesbian porn will knock your socks off. Both winners of Fatale’s Real Lesbian Sex contest.

Check out what’s new at Fatale on DVD!
Q&A: Ask Fanny - Is Bleeding Normal? 

Many of you know g-spot expert Deborah Sundahl as Fanny Fatale. In “Ask Fanny,” an exclusive column created just for this newsletter, she answers your questions about female ejaculation and the g-spot.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Dear Readers,

I received two letters last week from women who were bleeding during female ejaculation. One woman is in menopause and started to have a full period again. The other woman is 38 years old and said that her partner could “bring on her period” after sex. Initially, I misread these two letters, thinking the blood was coming from the urethra with the ejaculate, rather than after the fact and from the vagina.

Any blood coming from the urethra is not common with female ejaculate. It is a separate matter, usually to do with bladder infections (cystitis) and should be addressed by a general M.D. or urologist immediately.

As for periods being triggered by female ejaculation, it is not female ejaculation triggering a period, but the orgasm itself. For some women, a good orgasm is known on occasion to release a period that is late to arrive.

Because the G-spot orgasm that creates and emits female ejaculate is a strong one, and brings into play two-thirds more pelvic muscles than a clitoral orgasm, it does not surprise me that for some women who are having deep and satisfying G-spot orgasms for the first time in their lives or after an interlude of long abstinence, that they would experience some spotting.

If spotting after a G-spot orgasm happens only once or twice, I would not worry about it. If this persists, however, it’s important to see your general practitioner or OB-GYN.

As for the woman whose partner could “bring on her period any time after sex” I later learned more information regarding this. Sometimes people confuse a wild sexuality with common health matters. In other words, it’s important to realize what normal sexual behavior is and what is starting to affect one’s sexual health. Any woman who experiences a period that last more than five - seven days a month, or does not adhere to a regular 28-day cycle, should talk to her doctor.

The point of these two letters has to do with female ejaculation being new to an individual, and therefore, female ejaculation tends to be seen as the culprit when anything out of the ordinary happens in their reproductive system. This newness and the uncertainty about it even extends to the women who have learned to really uncork the flow and become scared at the amounts and the frequency with which they can ejaculate. Wild, free and overflowing is indeed an accurate claim for female ejaculation - don’t be afraid of it!

Flow free and with joy!


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Send your questions to askfanny@fatalemedia.com.

To learn more about female ejaculation, check out Fanny’s book, Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot.

Sex Toys and the Imagination

In last month’s poll we asked what your #1 favorite sex toy was. (You can see the February poll results here.)

Iris wrote: “Wow, it was really difficult to choose my #1 favorite! There are so many excellent toys and so many ways to use them, especially in combination.

“I’m just so happy I live where there are awesome toy shops with plenty to choose from...I love my toys!”

Scamp wrote: “In the favorite sex toy poll, I’d have voted for ‘my imagination,’ if it had been an option!”

We couldn’t agree more. Yes, the imagination is the greatest “sex toy” of all, limitless and amazing, whether imagining different combinations or new uses for existing sex toys, or seeing the possibilities in an evening of sex play, use your imagination!

Thank you, friends, for reminding us of how strange and wonderful the mind is.

Send us your comments and you may see your words published here!
Your #1 Favorite Sex Toy Results? * Phone Sex?

In last month’s poll, we asked: What’s your #1 favorite sex toy?

It was neck and neck throughout February, but Nan called the winner early on. Curious? Check out the complete results.

In the new poll, we ask: Have you ever had phone sex?

This poll is completely anonymous. It’s on Fatale’s home page.

Stay tuned, and we’ll give you the results next month.

Until then, we wish you dazzling hot sex!

Nan and Christi


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