Sex Tips & Tricks: Picnic Sex

Summertime is perfect for picnics…and we’re not talking about those family affairs where your Aunt Millicent shows up with the perfect berry pie and hundreds of little children wander around with sticky hands wanting to “play ball” with you and you alone.

Picnics offer an opportunity to indulge in two of our favorite activities: food and sex.

First off, don’t bring that scratchy wool blanket. Find a soft cotton bedspread or blanket (they’re inexpensive and can often be bought at a department store for $10 if you’re in the right place at the right time). Plus, they’re easy to launder, so even if you find a nicer one, it’s worth the investment. Don’t forget towels! A beach towel and a bath towel will come in handy.

Pack a picnic basket—with whatever nibbles you like. Cheese and crackers or pâté and a baguette. Sandwiches and chips. Leftover chicken or other delectable from dinner the night before. Soda or beer or anything icy cold.

But leave room for sex toys: a cordless vibrator, a dildo and condoms and/or latex gloves. Yes, this is Picnic Sex.

If you’re the kind of person who either plans ahead or likes games, you can make your own Picnic Sex Game. Simply take a dozen or so index cards or a pad of notepaper. Write on each one various sex acts you’d either like to perform or see your honey perform for you. Tailor your directives to the beach or woods or park…wherever you plan to have your picnic.

Wondering what to wear? Something sexy and easy to get into. You’re gearing up for public sex, right? Loose pants, maybe with a drawstring. A summer dress, if you like dresses.

Pick the perfect shady spot for your sex picnic. Are you an exhibitionist? Then find a place within sight of others, but do avoid children. Find a private space that’s private.

After you’ve shared a luscious picnic lunch, you can choose to play the Picnic Sex Game, or just start kissing, get in the mood.

If you’re not comfortable with the idea that someone might be watching you, move your spot and keep going. Hide under your beach or bath towels if you want. If you’re at the beach, set up your beach umbrella so you’re hidden from others. If you’re at a park or in the woods, let the forest trees shield you from prying eyes.

Be discreet! Leave your clothes on, if you can stand the heat, and fondle each other underneath your clothes. Hot and horny yet? If you’re at the beach, go in the water.

Later on, when you’re home from your Sex Picnic, you can take a shower and turn on the AC.


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  1. carol says:

    For the past several years, I’ve taken my lez gf’s and bi-virgins I’ve met to an unknown secluded area with a small clearing in the back wooded area about 2 hours drive from my house. We can burn a small fire, lay out some blankets and lawn chairs – those r my favorite. I have the girls I’ve taken up there to wear a loose fitting dress – without panties and shoes. I pack (pussy) toys, vibrators, lube, some booze, dvd’s and a protable dvd player and my 13 inch TV with adapters for hooking up to the car battery so to watch g/g XXX porn. The nastier the better. I pack light rope for bondage and leather straps and strap ons.
    They can lay on the lawn chair and lay their legs down over the arms of the chairs, and lay their head rest down or in the up position for watching their pussys getting licked and sucked. Sometimes I’ve tied their legs in the over the arm chair position and their arms tied over their heads to the head rest of the lawn chair.
    Then, kneel between her legs and pull up her dress over her chest, exposing her pussy, clit and breasts. She’s most likely ready for some hard-core action done to her so I go right for her clitty and pussy hole. I’ve never felt like i had to wait for dark to start with the pussy play. At times, I thought someone was watching me eat pussy, but i felt no children were around (couldn’t hear any) so i kept on with what i was doing to her pussy.
    She’s naked all day and in the evening I give her a sponge bath as she sits in front of me on the pic-nic-table. Then more g/g fun begins in the early darkness of the evening in the mountains.
    I like to camp in the camper better than in the tiny 4-man tent i have. I’ve used it – but only when the wind doesn’t blow more than 5 miles an hour. I’ve hung blankets over rope and tied the rope ends to 3 trees to make a cozy triangle and secluded for others to look in.
    But if being watched is what we both want that day, then laying her out on the pic-nic-table on a blanket is best for it. I’m an exhibitionist, so I LOVE being watched, photographed and or vidoetapped while having nasty hard-core sex with my lez friend on a hot day in the woods.

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