Hot Hot Hot

In the midst of a lethal heat wave sweeping the U.S. (oh, we envy the lucky folks living at the beach or up in the mountains), it’s hard to go to work. Barring a trip to the beach, it’s hard to think of anything besides an ice-cold drink, an air-conditioned bedroom with the curtains closed against the heat and maybe, just maybe, some kissing and cuddling.

But we’ve discovered another kind of heat that’s perfect for long, lazy summer afternoons when you can’t escape the heat outside. You may have heard of The Crash Pad from our friends at Blowfish, but wowie! Wild Kingdom was new to us. Of course, we’ve been getting letters—“Please carry these DVDs!”—and we finally said, “Hell, yes, okay! You got it.”

Wild Kingdom, the latest DVD in this trilogy from director Shine Louise Houston, features some of the same gals from The Crash Pad, but two were new to us, a real-life couple named Wil and Papi. These two bois know what serious fucking is, and the orgasms are wild and gushing.

The Crash Pad is the darling of the women’s porno festivals, and rightfully so. The camerawork is great, and the audio and music are quite good. There are beautiful shots of an enormous black dildo sliding into a shaved white pussy…but oh, if you want to see a real fountain flowing, check out this femme’s squirting orgasm that goes on and on and on…

Superfreak is wall-to-wall lesbian sex with a plot. And we bet you’ll have Rick James’ song “Super Freak” in your head for hours afterwards, just like we did!

Check ‘em out! They’re the perfect fob for a lazy summer, hot afternoon.

Yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi

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