Sex Tips & Tricks: Flirting with Your Lover

We’ve written before about The Art of Flirting, but how do you flirt with your own sweetheart?

You might wonder, why bother flirting with your own lover? Isn’t flirting only for strangers?

No way! Flirting leads to dirty talk, which leads to steamy, passionate sex.

Plus, flirting with your sweetie—especially if you’ve been together a long time—shows her how much you love and respect her, you think she’s sexy and you want her more than anybody else.

Don’t vary your usual behavior too much at first. If you’re a gruff, “don’t bug me” type of person when you get home from work, suddenly acting the Casanova when you pop in the door will arouse her suspicions.

Instead, start simple. Get out of the house. Take her out for a drink or dinner. Make sure the place has a warm, romantic atmosphere.

Dress nice. If you’re a studly butch, wear a jacket. If you’re a naturally flirty femme, show a little cleavage. Turn on your charm. Remember when you and she were just dating? Sure, you know all her flaws now, but you’re going to forget them completely.

Don’t ogle the other girls in the room or put your money down for the next round at the pool table. Pay attention to her, give her a sexy smile, touch her, listen to her.

When the time is right—and you’ll know it is when dinner’s over, you’re sharing a creamy dessert or you’re walking home—start murmuring dirty tidbits. “I love you” can take you to “I want you more than anything in the whole world” and “You know I’m a slut at heart, don’t you?”

Undress each other and keep talking. Let the dirty talk escalate until you’re slammed against the wall, or lying on the bed, or sprawled across the floor in each others’ arms. Don’t stop talking, because that’s where the flirting was meant to take you. Loving your sweetie means finding all the nooks and crannies of passion. So just do it.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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