Forbidden Fruit

There’s a subtle difference between getting what you want and getting what you can’t have. Getting what you want, even a seemingly unattainable object of your desire, brings a frisson of excitement, a tingle to the belly. The chase is as delicious as the getting.

Fantasies play a strong role here. You can picture exactly what you want—the cutest girl in the room, a real female ejaculation, getting pegged or hard lesbian love like you’ve never had it in your life. So far.

What you can’t have, that’s another matter, forbidden fruit. If you’re obsessive about it, fantasies can also play a role. Like Deb Shooter in Special Delivery, you get out that vibrator and dream on and on, wishing you could be elsewhere, getting what you just can’t have right now.

Lusting after forbidden fruit seems impractical or silly to some people. But sometimes things change. Or you make them change. Hope blooms inside you. Carrying that torch, be it for weeks, years or decades, was worth it after all.

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Yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi

2 Responses to “Forbidden Fruit”

  1. bill says:

    I have always wanted to be able to trade my male body for a body of a woman’s. If it were possible, I am still be ready to make the switch to female even thought I am old and grey. I have always believed that women were the stronger sex and had the ability control of men. If I could I would use that special power to have men please me emotional, phyisically, sexually and montarily. But is willl only be a dream. I can dress up as a woman in panties and other soft smooth cothing. I can even feel my body being penitrated as my lover takes me with dildos and strapons. Sadly I will never be able to truly experence the feel of women. If you know any way to make this dream come true, give me a call

  2. steph says:

    in college i met this girl who was bi for the most part. i had been out for a couple years when we met. instantly there was an attraction and clear chemistry between us. for the most part it was just a fun flirtation, occasionally we would push the boundaries with a kiss or grope. over the years the lust grew, but nothing really ever happened. after college, she came to visit me. prior to her visit, i knew she had sex with a mutual female friend of ours. she insisted on telling me, but i really didn’t want to know, nor did i really care. but she wasn’t gonna let it go until she told me.

    naturally, her story leads to us talking about sex, which led to a slight amount of arousal. but i didn’t want have sex that night because i felt she was doing it only to settle the score-using the story of the event with our friend to justify having sex with me.

    long story short, we ended up having sex that night in my car. i have never enjoyed a single sex act less in my life. all i could think about was,” this is happening for all the wrong reasons.” in between those overwhelming thoughts, was a single thought about being excited this was actually happening, however, i did not feel free to enjoy the moment. instead, i felt duped and was rendered physically incapable of cuming.

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