Anal Sex * Spanking During Sex?

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In last month’s poll, we asked: Do you enjoy anal sex with a strap-on dildo?

Surprise, surprise! Not all of you like anal sex. But for those who do, big ones anyone?

See all the results here.

This month we ask: Do you like spanking during sex?

Vote now! The poll is on Fatale’s home page.

And we’ll give you the results next month.

Until then, we wish you dazzling hot sex.

Nan and Christi

5 Responses to “Anal Sex * Spanking During Sex?”

  1. Debra Myers says:

    Hmmm–I needed to be able to choose more than one answer: I like getting spanked, and I like to spank others. We need room for the Switches, please! 😉 Thanks!

  2. girlie dyke says:

    i get turned on being spanked, but i love to spank also but no box for the switches among us *sigh*

  3. yanie yum-yum says:

    loved to be spankedd. or lemme spank too!!

  4. Sara Kinsey says:

    The 3 responses above obviously didn’t read far enough down on the list of choices, which is what I thought when I saw the curve. Most of us who like it, like it both ways!

  5. Gadway says:

    Bookmarked your site. Thanks for all the good reading material. I really enjoyed it!

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