Sex Tips & Tricks: Lingerie, Part 1

Buying lingerie, not unlike buying lube or condoms, doesn’t have to be embarrassing. You can stride right over to the sexy underclothes area of the department store and ooh and ahh at the silky offerings. Or you can duck your head, pretending you were looking for flannel PJs, and blush.

Buying lingerie online isn’t tactile—what online buying is?—but you can find a wider variety of fabrics, sizes and styles than in most lingerie or department stores. Hard-to-find sizes are a real bonus with online shopping.

We don’t like the models’ styling in here, but if you dig deep you can find some unusual pickings with lace and silk and satin, and a good selection of plus sizes, at Lingerie Diva. The blog’s not bad either. Like Mistress Cobra’s corset in Full Load, similar designs abound here.

If your idea of fun includes leather and latex, don’t miss JT’s Stockroom for a wide selection of panties, corsets, stockings and more. It’s one of our favorite shops.

Want to know the best uses for lingerie? Next time, in Lingerie: Part 2, we’ll talk about how and when to wear lingerie and what else it’s good for.

We want your opinion on how you wear and use lingerie. You can comment here.

2 Responses to “Sex Tips & Tricks: Lingerie, Part 1”

  1. Seo says:

    Hiya guys, i agree with ye about lingeriediva. I find heath very helpful. Now I’ll tell ye a secret. I’m a guy who finds mens underewear boring and not so comfortable but I love my fem undies form,, lingeridiva and also 2 things from

    Of course crotchless fits best but brieftales fits best and well, I find maid skits, chef thing, relaxing and fun to share with another guy for fun, and hopefully with a female. I have experimented with guys but am tiring of it as seems i’m hetro really. But I’m happy that I tried anyhow.

    So there’s my story. finishing a masters thesis within the next few days, then am free, get my results and done. poor me got no holidays cos of it. hehe.

    well all the best for 2008 everyone. And I look forward to using sundahls technies form the dvd i already have by her. enjoy 2008 all seo.

  2. suki says:

    European lingerie found in shops with knowing owners have brough many evenings of shared pleasures. From highly decorative laces and colourful silks to rather outre performance costumes, our collection never stops exciting us and our guests. Kath asked me to find these fine panties, bras,suspenders, and corsets at first; the next thing you know, I am asked to hand wash each delicate creation she’s worn– then, once it’s dry, I perfume each as well. Upon hearing from our favourite UK source [Chic], Kath transformed the hand washing from basin to bath–I enter after Kath and she gives me the lingerie she wants me to wash. I’ve had to shave myself first to be allowed this pleasure in the bath.

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