Ask Fanny – Female Ejaculate Smells and Leaves Stains

G-spot expert Deborah Sundahl, a.k.a. Fanny Fatale, answers your questions about female ejaculation and the g-spot.

Hi Deborah,
My partner of two years has always ejaculated freely and has been a bit despondent that she was not “normal”—her juices flow fantastically when I stimulate her g spot; we are now getting her equally excited with clitoral stimulation. On a recent holiday we made love on our balcony and she really let go and flooded the place!
My only concern with this is that, contrary to much reading on the subject, her juices do smell quite strongly of urine, and do stain my mattress quite badly. Should we be concerned? As the joy I get from pleasing her so is fantastic I want to do it to her all the time.

U.K. Fan

Dear U.K. Fan,
It is not uncommon for ejaculate to occasionally smell like urine, and for some women, the smell of urine can be strong and ejaculate can leave stains on the sheets.

Sometimes a woman’s ejaculate is strong with urine during the second phase of her menstrual cycle. Another factor that can cause this is pushing too hard to try to ejaculate. 

It may be possible to curtail the flow of urine with some practice and an acute awareness of the sensation of ejaculating versus the sensation of urinating. This may take a while—a year or more—to master, and it may not work in all cases.  However, I believe the urine can be decreased by lessening forceful pushing out and with more physical awareness of the difference between body fluids.

A gentle reminder, as well, to you that although female ejaculate is exciting to you and you want to do it all the time, please remember that women’s bodies are indeed delicate and perhaps too much stimulation and her trying to please you with more and more ejaculate could also be causing her to push too hard and too often.

Female ejaculate is best enjoyed when it flows easily from the body as a shower of love and connection and joy…and for a woman, a balcony would be just the thing….


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