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Try Something New

Friday, March 4th, 2016

Bend Over BoyfriendBend Over Boyfriend 2







We know spring is in the air because Bend Over Boyfriend and the Bend Over Boyfriend Gift Set have been flying out the door.

Must be something in the air that says to couples, “Try something new!”

We couldn’t agree more: Try something new and find out if you love it!


Deborah Sundahl G-spot expert







Speaking of trying new things, our friend Deborah Sundahl has a newly refashioned website up,, and we urge you to go check it out.

She’s got new classes and workshops about the G-spot as well as “teacher training.” If you want to learn to become a sex educator and teach  women how to female ejaculate, click on “Teacher Training” to see what it’s all about!

If you want to learn more about female ejaculation, take a look at Female Ejaculation: The Workshop or Female Ejaculation for Couples, either one the perfect place to take a step at trying something new!

You may also know Deborah as “Ask Fanny Fatale,” whose column about female ejaculation and the G-spot answers your questions. Here’s a recent column, “Ask Fanny: Is My Girlfriend Having Orgasms?

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Ask Fanny: Is My Girlfriend Having Orgasms?

Friday, November 13th, 2015

Deborah Sundahl G-spot expertG-spot and female ejaculation expert Deborah Sundahl, a.k.a. Fanny Fatale, answers your questions about female ejaculation and G-spot orgasms. She is the author of Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot, 2nd Revised Edition.

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Dear Fanny,
I have an amazing girlfriend (I am a guy). When I start licking her pussy, after a minute she squirts, and then shortly thereafter, she will squirt again, and even a third time and fourth.

She speaks very little English, so communication is somewhat a problem. Only the very basic things can we communicate about.

So I will ask you, is she having orgasms?



Dear Charlie,

Guess what!  Orgasms and ejaculation—in both women and men—are two separate functions. Ejaculation is a release of fluid, and an orgasm is, well, an orgasm.

Some women ejaculate small amounts with very little stimulation. Some women ejaculate small amounts just pushing out their pelvic floor muscles. So, your girlfriend is normal.

How to get her to build and release a lot of ejaculate? Intercourse from behind with slow and steady movements, removing your penis when you feel her pelvic muscles try to push your penis out of her vagina. Why? Because she is trying to ejaculate all over you!

Have fun and let it flow!


Check out the Ask Fanny article here at Fatale’s blog, “Is She Ready to Have a Squirting Orgasm?”

For more detailed information, check out Female Ejaculation for Couples, a great starter DVD guide to learning about and having G-spot orgasms!

The all-new gift set G-Spot ABCs gives you free shipping and an array of G-spot and female ejaculation resources from G-spot expert and sex educator Deborah Sundahl.

Step by Step to Ecstasy

Friday, September 18th, 2015

Deborah Sundahl is the female ejaculation expert who guides women and their partners to discovering the joy of G-spot orgasms and female ejaculation.

Female Ejaculation for Couples DVD









Female Ejaculation for Couples is a bestseller at Fatale and a good exploration by three couples who want to experience this amazing feat.

Female Ejaculation the Workshop









If you’re curious about female ejaculation and G-spot orgasms, check out How to Female Ejaculate: The Workshop, too, a women-only workshop that takes you step by step to ecstasy!

Deborah writes the occasional column “Ask Fanny: About Female Ejaculation” for Fatale’s blog. You can find all her columns here in the Ask Fanny category.

Stay tuned! We’ll have more about female ejaculation next time.

Ask Fanny: Is She Ready to Have a Squirting Orgasm?

Friday, February 27th, 2015

Deborah Sundahl G-spot expertG-spot expert Deborah Sundahl, a.k.a. Fanny Fatale, answers your questions about female ejaculation and the g-spot.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

My wife and I are trying to explore female ejaculation. I can find her G spot, make her cum and become pretty wet. Sometimes create a wet spot on our bed. How can I take her to the next level where the gush becomes more and she can squirt?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Dear Steve,
Is your wife ready to have a squirting G spot orgasm?

Many women cannot ejaculate profusely, i.e., arc outwards, spray all over, with something in her vagina. That means toys, fingers, penis—all have to come out of the vagina in order for many women to have that lovely fountainous explosion.

Also, if a woman’s vaginal muscles are weak or tense, it will be harder, if not impossible, to ejaculate. She needs to do her Kegel exercises. For a great device to use in strengthening these muscles, try the Kegelmaster. The Kegelmaster site has great information about vaginal muscles and exercises.

There is also a chapter on PC muscle strength and flexibility in my book, Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot. The second revised edition is now available.

Lastly, I cannot emphasize enough that a woman has to want to go to the next level. She needs to take this into her own hands. Often, a woman’s partner wants her to do things she is not ready for, or not interested in.

Pressure and over-eagerness by a male or female partner will backfire, causing a woman who is not ready to gush or have a squirting G spot orgasm to shut down rather than open up.

Better to tell her your desires. Find out if she wants to learn to do that for you, and then give her time and space to get to it on her own. It takes time for a woman to realize that spraying so much or squirting is okay, and time for her to realize that gushing is natural and to adjust.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
This article is drawn from the archives of Fatale Media.

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P.S. Check out Deborah Sundahl’s Female Ejaculation for Couples DVD for video demonstrations of how to female ejaculate and achieve gushing, squirting G spot orgasms.

Ask Fanny: Confused

Friday, November 7th, 2014

d_sundahl_bw_150wG-spot expert and author Deborah Sundahl, a.k.a. Fanny Fatale, answers your questions about female ejaculation and the G-spot.

Dear Fanny,

I read your book Female Ejaculation & the G-Spot (btw…great book!).

So this morning I tried ejaculating without an orgasm (I’ve never had an orgasm…but that’s a different topic).

Here’s where I’m confused. I’m not sure if I had FE or not. I think I did based on what you described the fluid to look like and smell like (clear & not an acidic smell) in the book but after I think I had a FE, I didn’t have to urinate.

Do women always urinate after they had a FE?

Also, I didn’t feel an overwhelming feeling of success or euphoria…I was confused with myself. Is this a normal reaction?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Confused in Spokane, Washington
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Dear Confused,

Congratulations! You had your first ejaculation!

You don’t always have to urinate after having an ejaculation.

Any kind of reaction is normal, because each woman has her own unique response. If your confusion bothered you, then ask: why were you confused with yourself?

You haven’t had an orgasm yet; therefore, are you going to move farther into the book and try to have a G-spot orgasm? I suspect you experienced confusion because you were stimulating your G-spot, and this is an emotional orgasm. Sometimes the emotions are unpleasant, especially if women have “issues” with their sexuality, present or past. Confusion is a good way to cover up deeper emotions/feelings.

I’d say the most important task for you now is to attempt to have an orgasm. Make sure you read the chapter on the G-spot massage.

Please let me know your progress.


P.S. Deborah Sundahl’s all new, revised 2nd edition of Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot (Turner Publishing, 2014) is in stock and available for purchase now. All orders are ship within 24 hours, and free gift-wrapping is available.

Ask Fanny: Female Ejaculation During Pregnancy

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Deborah SundahlG-spot expert and author Deborah Sundahl, a.k.a. Fanny Fatale, answers your questions about female ejaculation and the G-spot.

Dear Fanny,

Thank you so much for enlightening us with your knowledge on female ejaculation. My partner has been able to ejaculate effortlessly for the past number of years due to the beautiful insight from people such as yourself, Shannon Bell, Carol Queen and Susie Bright to name a few. She is currently 8 months pregnant and already lactating. It was just until recently she started clit pumping to make the clitoris as erect as possible for maximum pleasure, and then finishing with an Hitachi Magic Wand to spray everywhere. Since the past few weeks we have noticed an increase of ejaculate, and lactation occurring without even masturbation of the tits. How come there is more ejaculate when a woman is in her third trimester? Is it normal for a pregnant woman to masturbate herself 3-4 times daily this late in one’s pregnancy? What damage if any will occur from clit pumping?

Thanks for your time, and many blessings.

Regards, Pjr


Dear Pjr,

Since the female prostate was only sanctioned as an anatomical term by the medical profession three years ago, very few studies have been done on female ejaculation. Therefore, studies during pregnancy are many years away. What we rely on are personal experiences, so in that regard I thank you for writing in to tell us your experiences as your partner brings her baby to term.

Therefore, it would be interesting to hear from your partner about why she is pleasuring herself so often, and how it feels to be ejaculating so profusely. I surmise her ejaculate is very clear and exquisite in its “energetic taste and smell” during this special phase in her life.

I would encourage you to drink it, because her ejaculate is likely very full of vitamins, minerals and hormones. Ejaculate is a healthful elixir even without the supposed added benefit of pregnancy.

I am not surprised to hear that ejaculate increases during pregnancy, as do all fluids in the female body. Pregnancy is the prime “fertility goddess” phase in a woman’s lifecycle. Juicy, erotic, full, ripe… all pregnant women should be loved up and honored for the feminine archetype that they represent: fertility and abundance, creation, motherhood and love eternal. Flowing female ejaculate is its symbol. I encourage both of you to spend a little time reflecting on this higher meaning of pregnancy by digging a little deeper into its sacred mysteries.

The erotic sensation created by enlarging the clitoris with a sucking pump device can be appealing for some women. With such an exquisite ability to ejaculate so freely during pregnancy, I encourage her to back off a bit from the clitoral stimulation and focus visually and sensationally on the G-spot. The G-spot orgasm triggers 2/3 of the pelvic muscles, whereas the clitoral orgasm triggers only the first 1/3 of the pelvic muscles. Having stronger G-spot orgasms can help keep those important muscles fit for childbirth. In addition, it is much harder to ejaculate with a strictly clitoral orgasm, so if there is a lot of ejaculation now, there would be even more! Also, the G-spot’s natural orgasmic sensation is one of deep love—a wonderful heart opening in which to bring a new child into the world.

I’m sure the baby is benefiting now from all the endorphins running around in your partner’s body from all the good loving she is gifting herself with. You might want to consider going all the way; i.e., birth your child in the ejaculate waters. This practice was commonplace in ancient times, and some midwives today are reviving it. Since your partner is feeling so completely erotic—and it’s great that she is free enough to let go into ejaculating freely—why not embrace also the erotic feeling that is the inherent nature of pregnancy. The baby’s head will bear down upon that G-spot and ejaculate will flow along with birth blood and fluids, so have the orgasm to ease the pain, and birth your baby in the ejaculate waters! The child will surely be blessed.

Best wishes,



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P.S. The revised 2nd edition of Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot by Deborah Sundahl (Turner Publishing, 2014) is in stock and available now.

P.P.S. Learn more about female ejaculation and the G-spot! Sign up now for Deborah’s webinars–Feminine Fountain Webinar Workshop for Women or Webinar Talk for Men.


Ask Fanny: How to Discover Your G-Spot

Friday, July 18th, 2014

Deborah SundahlG-spot expert Deborah Sundahl, a.k.a. Fanny Fatale, answers your questions about female ejaculation and the G-spot.

Dear Deborah,

I’d like to learn more about female ejaculation, but I’m not sure how to start. Should I try to find my own G-spot first, before talking to my partner?

Baffled in Baton Rouge

Dear Baffled,

The best way to begin to discover your own G-spot is to treat this important excursion as a relaxing hour of self-care.

CleopatreAs we all know by now, that means: uninterrupted quiet time where you have treated yourself to a long bath, candles, music and other things you truly like and want to partake in that you know relax you.

Then, use lubricant (olive oil works just fine if you don’t have anything else; if Cleopatra used it, you can, too!).

Before proceeding any further, do 12 rounds (in and out) of slow, deep breathing, filling your lungs completely and exhaling completely.

Next, place your finger at the entrance to your vagina and keep it there with very gentle insistence, waiting until your vagina practically scoops your finger inside. Continue to relax and breathe deeply. Don’t push yourself in and don’t push yourself deep. Stay just inside the opening an inch or two, that’s all.

Turn the pad of your finger toward the roof of your vagina. Breathe and relax. Then, millimeter by millimeter, explore all the crevices and folds, caves and ridges of your G-spot. Yes, that’s it.  Right there!

But if you don’t approach it in this relaxed and loving manner, you can breeze right by it. Not because it is small, but because we are too busy, in this culture, looking for the Big Prize. It is indeed a Big Prize, but it is wrapped in delicate paper at first, and sometimes we can think we don’t feel anything, or that it hurts, or that it should send us off the planet in instant exquisite pleasure.

Remember, breathe and relax and notice what you feel.

Once you have explored your G-spot once or twice, invite your partner to explore with you. In this way, you will have a new sexual frontier to explore together.

If you’d like more information, the revised, second edition of my book, Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot, is now out and available for sale at Fatale Media. I hope you like it.

Best wishes,

Deborah Sundahl

P.S. Here are Deborah’s upcoming workshops and webinars about female ejaculation and the G-spot:

• “Talk for Men: Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot” is a 2-hour evening webinar that runs the first Tuesday of each month. The next “Talk for Men” is Tuesday, August 5, 2014 at 9:00 p.m. EDT. Click here for more information.

• Deborah’s next live “Weekend Workshop for Women” will be held in Muenster, Germany, October 10 – 12 , 2014.

“The workshop was a precious experience of deep intimacy with myself. Beside meeting beautiful and curious women (and having a lot of fun), the group’s experience allowed me to let go, in a trusting atmosphere, supported by the other women’s experiences and energy.” – Maeva, Grenoble, France

Click here to learn more and read other testimonials.

• Want to learn what happens in an in-person female ejaculation workshop? Read “Workshop Etiquette” by Deborah Sundahl.


Ask Fanny: Workshop Etiquette

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Deborah Sundahl G-spot ExpertG-spot expert Deborah Sundahl, a.k.a. Fanny Fatale, answers your questions about female ejaculation and the g-spot.

Dear Deborah,

I’m curious to attend a workshop on female ejaculation, but what is it like? I’m wondering if it’s uncomfortable to be in a group and try to find your G-spot. Do I have to take off my clothes?

Signed, Not Really Sure

Dear Not Really Sure,

There are four reasons why some people have reservations about attending a workshop:

  • You may be too shy to be in a group and discuss your private sexuality
  • Perhaps you can’t imagine trying to look at your private parts with other people around 
  • You’re afraid other women are going to touch you, or solicit you in a situation where you already feel vulnerable and are more likely to succumb to peer pressure, or group ostracism 
  • You worry you might be made to do something you don’t want to do.

These are pretty scary reasons to not go to a workshop. But this is what really takes place at a workshop:

  • You get to hear the stories of other women, often finding inspiration or validation for your own situation 
  • You get a chance to see other women’s pubic areas, and often their G- spots, and this education goes a very long way in understanding your own body. (No one will touch you; only you touch yourself.) 
  • You get a chance to be in a room with women who all have the same goal: discovery of and improving upon their sexual knowledge and fulfillment.

Rather than a workshop being a place to get hit on without consent, it is just the opposite. Privacy is paramount and respect for individual boundaries Rule Number One. You wear a sarong and all women have their private space within the group space; this boundary is first and foremost respected.

Rule Number Two is that women do only what they feel comfortable doing.

For example, you wear a sarong, the room is kept comfortably warm and you can bring your own toys or not. The goal is to experience and learn in a congenial, safe atmosphere.

With the rules in place, most women feel extremely comfortable after a few hours and get swept up in the excitement of discovery with women who, just like them, are nervous and excited.

Deborah Sundahl

Send your questions to

Be sure to check out Deborah’s DVD, Female Ejaculation: The Workshop, to see a workshop in action.

Originally published as “Ask Fanny: What Happens at a Workshop?” this encore column addresses what to expect from a female ejaculation and G-spot workshop. Check out all of Deborah’s forthcoming webinars and workshops.


The Spot…The G-Spot!

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

Deborah SundahlKudos to female ejaculation and G-spot expert Deborah Sundahl for an excellent article in the Santa Fe Reporter by Hunter Riley of Self Serve Toys in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The spot, the zone, the district: Deborah Sundahl helps women and couples find the joys of the g-spot” is a really worthwhile read about how Deborah teaches couples and women how to have amazing gushing orgasms.

Better orgasms,” as Deborah Sundahl puts it.

Article snip: “Sundahl has helped thousands of women feel good in their bodies and experience pleasure in a way they haven’t felt comfortable doing so before.”

You can read Deborah’s “Ask Fanny” advice column at Fatale’s blog.

You can follow Deborah on Twitter @DeborahSundahl and Hunter Riley @HunterORiley. Follow Fatale @FataleMedia.

Here’s to great orgasms!

P.S. If you haven’t seen How to Female Ejaculate: The Workshop by Deborah Sundahl, do it. It’s a solid primer for learning about female ejaculation and the G-spot.


Fatale Bestsellers

Friday, October 4th, 2013

This last month has been a lively one, with emphasis on female ejaculation and the G-spot. There was lots of positive response to “G-Spot Lessons.”

Here are the top 5 Fatale bestsellers from the last month:

Bend Over Boyfriend








1. Bend Over Boyfriend – the bestselling guide to male anal sex, including lessons and demonstrations headed by Carol Queen and Robert Lawrence.

How to Female Ejaculate: Find Your G-Spot









2. How to Female Ejaculate  – Deborah Sundahl’s classic bestseller on how to find the G-spot and female ejaculate. The all-women workshop is perfect for those who want to broaden and enhance their sexuality.

Bend Over Boyfriend 2







3. Bend Over Boyfriend II – more rockin’ less talkin’, directed by the inimitable Shar Rednour and featuring three couples new to male anal pleasure.

Female Ejaculation for Couples







4. Female Ejaculation for Couples –  Deborah Sundahl picks up with a workshop for three couples who want to learn to experience the joys of female ejaculation. Men are taught to explore the G-spot manually, and the best sexual positions to create G-spot ecstasy.

Afterschool Special and Turn Me Up Over and On double DVD







5. Afterschool Special and Turn Me Up Over and On (double DVD) – A schoolgirl gangbang on a campus setting (“more dildos than you can shake a stick at,” wrote FHM magazine in an outstanding review) is both funny and sexy. Turn Me Up Over and On, directed by the inordinately talented Carolyn Caizzi, is a sweet romantic lesbian tryst.

This has got to be the first month in memory when the educational titles outsold the lesbian titles!

Free gift-wrapping free gift cardsA quick note: If you’re interested in male anal pleasure, the Bend Over Boyfriend Gift Set saves you 15%.

Free gift-wrapping (birthday gift-wrap or regular gift-wrap) available on all orders, plus free gift cards!

See what calls “the best lesbian porn.”

See all Fatale’s DVDs.