Susie Bright Comes to Visit

We had a delightful surprise last week. Susie Bright called to say she was in town. She was headed to visit a friend, to celebrate his 70th birthday with him.

The four of us had a lovely dinner sitting outside at a local restaurant. Afterwards, we took pictures.

Susie Bright and Nan Kinney
The fabulous Susie Bright with Nan Kinney…

Susie and Nan go way back to the first days of On Our Backs magazine, which they co-founded with Deborah Sundahl.

“I became famous for my lesbian sex consulting on Bound, but I learned all my lesbian erotic chops as a young dyke, working on Fatale Video’s first titles,” Susie said when we asked her what she thought of the reunion.

Suburban Dykes“It was so exciting to be making the first lesbian-made erotic films, ever, and they hold up to the test of time,” Susie said.

One of those lesbian classics Susie worked on, still a Fatale lesbian bestseller, is Suburban Dykes, starring Nina Hartley and Miss Sharon Mitchell.

Thank you, Susie. You may come back and visit anytime. We’d love to have you again.

Yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi

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