Wet Fun in the Summertime

Vacations are a great time to experiment with your lover and try new things. Face it: You’re relaxed and happy and not strapped to your workload. When all defenses are down, then you can open up and enjoy. Orgasms you never thought were in you are free to come gushing out.

If you’re on your way out of town—to the beach or mountains or an island spa—or even if you’re just staying home this year, here are some suggestions to break out of the same-old, same-old mold.

  • Get out of the bedroom. Especially if you’re on vacation, try the porch or veranda at night. And if you’ve never tried it, the bathtub can be fun. Even the laundry room has potential.
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  • Get out of the house. Romance your lover with a picnic just for two…or head to your local nightclub and find a dark corner.
  • Reverse your roles. Never strapped on a dildo? Go for it, girlfriend. Always wanted to bend over your boyfriend? Get some more rockin’ inspiration with BOB2.
  • Put on a show. Masturbate for your sweetie, or put on some sexy music and dance.
  • Fulfill your deepest fantasy. Pick up a girl and try a threesome. We love the threeway in Shine Louise Houston’s In Search of the Wild Kingdom. A blast! 

What do you think? What new positions or sex tricks have you tried lately? Click “Post a comment” and tell us!

Yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi

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