Sex Tips & Tricks – What Women Want

A friend has been dating a woman for a few months. They took a long trip to China together, they’ve dated, and he has done everything “right.”

Lo and behold, a sad e-mail arrived the other day: “Our union is off.”

Union? What union? Were they thinking of getting married? Already?

Women need time. For as long as we’ve been lesbians (forever), this is one thing we know for certain.

A few months of dinners and movies and taking a trip, even a long one to China, is not enough time for her to feel secure in marriage.

But, you say, what about shotgun weddings? All those couples who get married right out of high school? All those women who get pregnant and marry in order to give their children a stable home?

We won’t deny that sometimes things move fast. But moving fast is not ideal.

Just as men don’t need nearly as much time in bed in order to orgasm, so too, in bed, most women need more time than men in order to orgasm.

Sure women can fake orgasms. Remember that scene in When Harry Met Sally?

But we women don’t want to fake orgasms. Women want real orgasms and real relationships and real romance.

Scene from The Crash Pad Series Volume 2

Fanny Fatale has written extensively on men’s lovemaking habits in order to help them stimulate the g-spot and allow their lovers to ejaculate.

When we were watching The Crash Pad Series Volume 2: Unlocked, women take all the time they want in order to orgasm. Their partners indulge them and give them whatever they need or want. Why rush?

As in lovemaking, men need to go slow with women. Women need to go slow with women. That’s what romance is all about.

Is our take on all this one big generalization? Yes. Are there wide swaths of truth here? You tell us.

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  1. carol says:

    I am not in a committed les relationship, so the women/girls (of age) I play with are married (hubby’s don’t know) or are in a m/f relationship and or just pressed for time. And mostly what they (all) want (really bad) is to just lay on their backs with their legs over my shoulders while I lick and suck their clits and pussy’s (all night) and that’s what I love to do too! If sex has dwindled away from their marriage – then so has their pussy getting licked and sucked (for hours at a time), And if I can tease them long enough – they BEG me for it – sooooo of course I finally GIVE IN – and dive in ! After all, it’s MY fav thing to to in the whole wide world. So, keep em spread for me you nasty girls who come over for g/g hard core fun sex while drinking a glass of wine as u watch me.

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