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The Crash Pad Series, Volume 2 - Unlocked - Lesbian Sex DVD

The Crash Pad Series, Volume 2


106 minutes plus lots of bonus extras and director's commentary.

DVD: $29.95  

Out of Stock.

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The Crash Pad Series, Volume 2

DVD and bonus extras: $29.95BUY NOW!

Out of Stock.


Shine Louise Houston's third lesbian sex DVD in the Crash Pad series picks up where The Crash Pad and The Crash Pad Series Volume 1 leave off.

An interracial lesbian threeway—one Asian, one blonde, one butch—starts off the sexy action in a secret rendezvous at the crash pad.

All while voyeur Shine Louise Houston peers on from a hidden room off to the side.

There’s lots of kissing here, slapping, spanking, and a lesbian dildo-sucking fest. Despite the scripted feeling that creeps into this scene now and then, the close-ups of the butch being teased unmercifully by the strapon before she gets fucked make it all worthwhile.

Hot lesbian threeway
Hot Lesbian Threeway

Scene 2 takes us back to the crash pad, where we find the Asian beauty Vai telling her girlfriend she’s "studying."

By far the best scene in the movie, Vai instead decides to juice herself up with some serious masturbation...closing her eyes and remembering making love. An orange handkerchief, with which she blindfolds herself, and a glove she sucks to taste herself are perfect props.

When Vai’s cute butch girlfriend arrives, she’s completely turned on and ready for one of the series’ most passion-filled lesbian encounters. These girls are in love. You’ll be juiced and ready to watch these two lovers again and again and again. You won’t forget Vai’s gushing orgasm!

Ready for some toe-sucking, femme-femme action? Check out Scene 3 with Legs and Johnnie. And the action doesn’t stop there—these two get down and dirty, finger-fucking, dildo-fucking, spanking and just having fun!

Dallas and Vai in the sexiest scene
Dallas and Vai in the Sexiest Scene
If rough-and-tumble boi sex turns you on, head right over to Scene 4, starring Jake and Wilder. This scene gives a real look into real cocksucking butch-boi sex. Jake and Wilder keep their clothes on, adding to the mystery, with playful jabs and wrestling and a vibrator that appears out of nowhere...the first vibrator in the movie. It’s also the first time ass play makes an appearance.
Johnny and Legs get down and dirty
Johnny and Legs Get Down and Dirty
For a power-play finale, Scene 5 takes us into the world of Julie and Michelle Aston. Tattooed and pierced, this butch/femme couple makes the most of the chemistry between them, with rimming and spanking to start off.

There is passionate exuberance and full-force love between this top and her bottom. Finger-fucking, strapon sex and aerobic sex positions will inspire you to try this at home. And when the femme goes down on her butch top—with all the abandon and trust that makes this scene a winner—you’ll be moaning right along with them.
Beautifully filmed and pussy-licking good!

DVD: $29.95
Out of Stock.
The Crash Pad Series:
Volume 2 - Unlocked

106 minutes. $29.95. DVD includes outtakes and bonus extras.

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