10 Tips for a Romantic Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day on a Saturday is magic. Use your imagination to celebrate and give her pure pleasure.

Here are 10 tips you can use to make this Valentine’s Day a super-special weekend for the two of you. Plan ahead. Mix and match as you see fit:

valentines-day-chocolates1. Make it a traditional holiday. Buy her a box of chocolates—we’re fond of Jacques Torres’ Chocolate—a single red rose and a bottle of wine. Stay home, eat chocolate and make love.

2. Take it up a notch. Send her a dozen not-red roses. Make them yellow or white or pink or deep burgundy. Have them delivered in the morning so she can enjoy them all day long.

3. Invite her for dinner and make sure you’ve got a reservation. Dress up. Order the chocolate dessert and feed it to her.

4. Forget dinner and take her to brunch instead. Follow that with a trip to a spa for a side-by-side massage or hot tub.

5. For a simple yet romantic day, pack a picnic lunch and drive to the ocean or mountains or river or lake…wherever you can park and get a scenic view. Afterwards, go back to her place for the rest of the day.

6. Sweep her off her feet for a weekend getaway. Pack your toy bag. Leave Friday night so you can wake up in your hotel room on Valentine’s Day morning. Fuck like bunnies all weekend long.

7. Dress up and take her dancing. Take her to the kind of club she likes—whether it’s ballroom or downtown go-go or uptown hip-hop—and make it a night she’ll remember.

8. Find a hotel or bar with a fireplace. Take her there for late afternoon tea or cocktails. Better yet, order hot cocoa with marshmallows and get cozy.

9. If you’re feeling adventurous, invite a close friend to take pictures or shoot video of you and your sweetie… Your friend can watch or join in.

One Night Stand10. Our favorite: Stay home, drink Champagne and watch dirty movies. This year we’ll be watching One Night Stand. This flick is so good we can watch over and over and over again. Then we’ll dress up and go out to a romantic local restaurant and bar. Not exactly Paris, but inspiring nonetheless.

So now you know what we’ll be doing on Valentine’s Day. What do you plan for your sweetie? Tell us here.

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