Gay Pride Special and Note about Shipping Prices

In honor of Gay Pride Month, June 2010, Fatale is hosting a monthlong 10% off sale.

Not only that, you also get free shipping within the U.S., whether you live in New York or Hawaii, California or Alaska or APO/FPO.

Why are we going out of our way to tell you about the shipping special included with Fatale’s Gay Pride Sale? Because there are devious sellers out there who tell you that you get cheaper DVD prices, but then they jack you on hidden (or not easily found) shipping prices.

Here’s an example:
Other seller’s price on One Night Stand: $31.95
Fatale’s price on One Night Stand, including the Gay Pride Special 10% discount ($34.95 – 10% discount): $31.45

Other seller’s “standard shipping” rate within the U.S. (except AK or HI or APO/FPO): $6.95
Other seller’s “standard shipping” rate to Alaska or Hawaii or APO/FPO: $8.95

Fatale’s “First Class” shipping rate within the U.S., including to AK or HI or APO/FPO: $0.00

Your total cost for to purchase One Night Stand:

From the other seller: $38.90 –  $40.90
From Fatale: $31.45

When you buy with Fatale, you save $7.45 – $9.45.

You can do the math on other titles too. And if you want more details, or have more stories, talk to us. We want to know what’s happening out there.

Check it out! See all Fatale’s DVDs here.

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