Happy Valentine’s Day

We hope you’re enjoying this Monday Valentine’s Day…a little like a long Valentine’s Day weekend!

Chocolates…mmm. We decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day a little bit this weekend. On Saturday afternoon we went to the movies—we do try to see most of the Oscar nominees before Oscar Night, which is February 28th this year.

Then we went to one of our favorite places for a cocktail, then home to cuddle and enjoy the evening. Romantic, right? It was a real date.

We watched a new, still-in-production video from Emilie Jouvet too. She’s one of our favorite porn-makers these days, having made One Night Stand.

A knockout, if you haven’t seen it.

Mostly we are celebrating Valentine’s Day tonight, with a special dinner—salmon baked in parchment, a green salad—and Champagne. Pâté to start. We’ve been saving this bottle of Champagne for a special occasion, a romantic evening, and what could be more romantic than Valentine’s Day?

There are more surprises in store for this evening!

We hope you’re enjoying this Valentine’s Day too. Even if you don’t celebrate, or it’s not on your top-ten list of Fun Holidays, at least eat some chocolate!

Yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi

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