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Fatale Media   Fatale Media Newsletter October 2005
In This Issue: Paris 
•   Paris
•   Q&A: Ask Fanny...FE Must-Read Secrets
•   Sex Tips & Tricks: Blindfolds
•   Dominatrix Waitrix
•   Free Shipping, Free Gift-Wrapping
•   New Poll: Your Favorite Porn Star?

Dear Friend,

Many of you wrote to ask about the PinkTV French film crew that visited us last month to shoot interviews with Nan and Deborah and Sondra Goodwin from Take Her Down!.

The documentary shoot went beautifully. We adored Marie-Helene Bourcier and Virginie Despentes and spent time into the wee hours drinking and laughing and talking politics and sex.

They also brought us the French magazine les Inrockuptibles Sexe issue (July/August 2005) that featured a nice long piece on lesbian porn (“X-Filles: le porno lesbien”) including Fatale! With pictures!

We learned later that Virginie’s controversial film Baise-Moi was banned in France. We quite enjoyed it, having rented it after the gals left for New York. You can find every link imaginable about the film at Daze Reader.

This month, the Paris Gay and Lesbian Film Festival is celebrating Fatale’s 20th Anniversary by showing Private Pleasures and Shadows, Clips and Suburban Dykes on Friday, October 21st, at 10:30 P.M. (22h30, salle 100). We urge all of you who plan to attend the film fest to stop by the Nouveau Forum des Halles and see these classic lesbian porn films! Plus, you can meet Deborah Sundahl, who will be in attendance too.

We are also happy to report that we have several long-time Fatale customers in Louisiana and the American Gulf Coast who called us after Hurricane Katrina. They are all okay. Fatale’s donation on behalf of the victims of the hurricane went to the American Red Cross, and we hope you and your families have not suffered from either Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Rita.

You’ll be glad to know the new Fatale catalogue is in. If you’ve requested a free catalogue, hang in there. You should receive it any day now.

Quick reminder: The deadline for Fatale’s Real Lesbian Sex contest is December 1st. Send us your porn videos now!

Yours in good sex and love,

Nan & Christi

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Sex Tips & Tricks: Blindfolds

Last month, in “Seduced or Induced?” we talked about what to do when she doesn’t want to have sex.

Our friend Hollee, a “budding transwoman” from Southern Florida, wrote: “Just looked at the new [issue] and I was overly impressed with the genuine authentic and simple humanity displayed by a course of ‘action’ where a lover/partner can suspend fulfillment of its own desires and gently back off & respectfully give the other space respect and be there. That is love and how it should be. I believe the word ‘altruistic’ is in order here!!! I haven’t a great deal of experience in the arena of relationships ‘cause I’ve had to lose myself to find myself, but that agrees with my nature and philosophy. If approached by mean dog stand still and look at the sky as if U were a mannequin.”

# # #

Sometimes she does want to have sex, just different sex. Blindfolded sex.

Blindfolds are a staple for the S&M crowd and are especially fun at sex parties where maybe your girlfriend doesn’t want to watch everyone watching her have sex. If you’re the bottom, you know what we mean. Inside a blindfold, you can lose yourself to the sensations of being teased, tweaked, tormented, tortured, whatever floats your boat.

But blindfolds are a lovely addition to the toy chest no matter what kind of sex you like. Straight, gay, lesbian, bi, kinky or soft, blindfolded sex takes the blindfoldee into a place of utter dependence, surprise and delight.

If you’re new to sex with a blindfold, go slow. If she likes to experiment, just do it. If she’s skittish, talk about it first. Over a romantic dinner, broach the subject of blindfolds and see what she says.

Try a silk or acrylic scarf from the drawer— avoid wool, because it’s scratchy. You can tie it in a square knot (“right over left, left over right, makes a square knot tidy and tight”) or tie it in a bow, like you do your shoelaces. Don’t tie it too tight or you risk bothering her eyes. Ask her if it feels right or too loose or too tight and adjust accordingly. Experiment!

If you’re all thumbs with scarves and such, you can splurge on an easy slip-on blindfold. We like the Pony Blinders at Toys in Babeland because the elastic makes it easy to get on and off, and the blindfolder doesn’t have to worry about tying knots using slippery silk...or wrinkling her favorite “good” scarf. The Pony Blinders are good because it’s never too tight and won’t press against her eyes.

Once she’s blindfolded, try using different textures and temperatures against her skin. If you’re in a giggling mood, make her guess what you’re running over her skin. Use whatever you have handy— an ice cube, a metal spoon, feathers, a soft piece of leather, that new dildo, a flower from the vase...Use your imagination!

Later on, you can switch places. Let her blindfold you and play the night away.

Send your comments to christi@fatalemedia.com.

For a sexy blindfold scene, check out Hungry Hearts.

Free Shipping, Free Gift-Wrapping

Just a reminder that when you order three videos or DVDs, you get free shipping within the U.S.

Plus, we offer free gift-wrapping and free gift cards. Just click “gift wrap” on the order form. Fatale’s got perfect gifts— and new gift packages— for birthdays, anniversaries and wedding celebrations!

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Q&A: Ask Fanny 

Many of you know g-spot expert Deborah Sundahl as Fanny Fatale. In “Ask Fanny,” an exclusive column created just for this newsletter, she answers your questions about female ejaculation and the g-spot.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Dear Fanny:

I want your help. How can I make a woman squirt! I tried but I can’t. Do you have some trick?



. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Dear Jhon,

I have an entire chapter just for men in my book Female Ejaculation and the G-spot. This easy-to-read chapter outlines all the tricks men need to know about where the G-spot is located, how to stimulate it and what your partner needs to do in order to ejaculate. While it’s true a man can make a woman ejaculate without her knowledge or having to do anything herself, I recommend that your partner read the book as well if she wants to ejaculate, and familiarize herself with her body and how female ejaculation works for her.

While I could give you a few quick tips on what to do, there are psychological reasons some women don’t ejaculate. If they are not feeling great about being with the man they are with, they won’t ejaculate. Or they are afraid of the mess, or just not sure it won’t be urine. Letting go both physically and emotionally is the biggest obstacle to ejaculating. Another factor is pressure from a partner. The surest way to shut down female ejaculation is pressure to perform. She has to want to!

The G-spot has a different nerve than the clitoris, so its orgasmic sensations are different. You don’t vibrate the G-spot, and the vaginal opening must be touched as you would touch a rose petal when you first touch the vagina to stimulate the G-spot.

All men - and I say ALL to make a clear point - touch too hard. This makes a woman have to work harder to relax, and relaxing is the key to awakening the G-spot’s sensations and running its full-bodied orgasm throughout the body and then ejaculating.

This is the opposite of the clitoris, which likes rapid stimulation and causes the body to clench up and the orgasm to be satisfying, but localized in the genitals. The G-spot orgasm feels like a melting and is the gateway to deeper love and intimacy. Sure, a woman who is used to ejaculating can ejaculate in just about any situation, but it’s important to understand that the G-spot is a delicate and finely tuned organ that can be used for expressing a lot more than just sport sex.

The first step is to know where her G-spot is located. In my DVD, Female Ejaculation for Couples, I SHOW you the G-spot. You can see the G-spot when it’s aroused and swollen. Part her labia gently and ask her to use her vaginal muscles to push out. You can get a visual, she can get a visual with a mirror, and using her muscles in this way is what she will do to ejaculate.

Here’s the best tip to help her ejaculate. Get to know this little organ that you see - the G-spot - by rolling it around with your fingers, and by pressing firmly all around it. Ask her what feels good. If she doesn’t feel anything, it’s not because you are not touching it; she has to awaken her sensations over time. If you keep touching gently but firmly each time, she’ll eventually feel more and ejaculate. If she feels like she needs to pee, it’s ejaculate knocking on the door. She just needs to let go at that point and push.

Remember, not every woman can ejaculate with something in her vagina; she must push out whatever is in her vagina with her muscles as she starts to ejaculate. So, let your fingers or penis slide out; let the ejaculate flow all over them, and then go back in. She’ll want you more than she’s ever wanted you after a great G-spot orgasm and ejaculation!


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Send your questions to askfanny@fatalemedia.com.

To learn more about female ejaculations and the G-spot, check out Fanny’s DVD, Female Ejaculation for Couples.

Dominatrix Waitrix: New Reviews

This all-new lesbian DVD from Fatale has been making the rounds at the film festivals, Outfest in Los Angeles, the London Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and more.

Shot in Chicago by the cheeky director Edith Edit, this is the kind of porn you’re not going to find anywhere else.

THREE STARS from AVN: “Somewhere between John Waters and Café Flesh lies the Dominatrix Waitrix, a twisted indie featurette inspired by the director’s frustrations from over 10 years of table waiting. And damn, does it show!....A stimulating piece of 21st century porn-art.”

Penthouse Forum wrote: “The cast is as far from SoCal pulchritude as you can get, but the gender-bending, BDSM and fetish play they perform, while not of the hardest core around, is sexy and sincere--and any flick where a woman gets pronged with a pepper grinder is a winner in our book (the opening title sequence is funny as hell, too). There aren’t too many bells and whistles with this disk, but it’s well worth a look if kinky comedy is your thing.”

Check out Dominatrix Waitrix!
Threeways * Your Favorite Porn Star

In last month’s poll, we asked: How often do you have threeways? Some of you get lucky on a regular basis! Click here to see the results.

This month, we thought we’d ask your opinion on some top porn stars.

New poll: Who’s your favorite porn star?

This poll is completely anonymous. It’s on Fatale’s home page.

We welcome your comments. Send an e-mail to christi@fatalemedia.com and you may see your words published here!

Stay tuned, and we’ll give you the results next month.

Until then, we wish you dazzling hot sex!

Nan and Christi


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