Sex Tips & Tricks: Sex Party Etiquette

Sex parties or play parties even today are usually still quiet affairs…meaning you don’t advertise, you don’t tell your neighbors, you don’t tell all your friends.

If you want to host a sex party, remember to provide plenty of room for sex play and space too for downtime. Be selective about who you invite and determine your own rules, but don’t make too many rules that will stifle spontaneity.

As at any party, you provide the food and drink. It’s a good idea to buy extra lube and condoms, but your guests should bring their own toys. Turn the heat up if it’s cold outside. You don’t want to see your guests freezing and covered with goose bumps as they try to get in the mood for sex.

• Dress nice. Sexy leather and latex, corsets, whatever turns you on…Use your imagination. Creativity counts.

• Shed your daytime identity at the door

• No gawking, no crowding the players

• Obtain permission to touch

• No means no

• Gloves, condoms and lube – use ‘em

• BYOT: Bring Your Own Toys, whips, handcuffs, dildos, butt plugs

• Discretion – “Hey, you’re the president of the most important corporation in town!”

• Observe the house rules. No pot allowed? Don’t smoke it there.

• Safe words. Have one for you and your partner. If this is a new partner, agree before you start playing what your safeword will be.

• Respect safe/down space versus play space. Don’t start screwing around in the kitchen if that’s where people are chatting.

• Clean up your act. Wipe down equipment you’ve used, stow your toys.

• Don’t overstay your welcome. Sex parties don’t mean you’re invited to stay the night.

• Thank the hostess. Call the next day or write a thank you note.

If you’ve been invited to a play party, don’t know the hostess and aren’t sure what the etiquette is, ask whomever invited you.

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