What is it about spanking that is so deliciously titillating? Certainly spanking—like a lot of previously taboo delights—has come out of the closet. There are Web sites and Web communities and blogs dedicated solely to this new old art.

One of our favorite sites is Vintage Spank. Old photos of women getting spanked by other women, in a variety of settings, hint at the lesbian liaisons to come. The women are for the most part dressed, too, another titillation. What lies underneath? The stages are set so that you can’t help but make up your own stories about the players, the spanked and the spanker.

The lesbians in our movies delight in spanking—as a tease and prelude to sex in Turn Me Up Over and On, as role-playing “punishment” or just giggly fun in Full Load.

Spanking is fun! Let’s admit it. And in the right setting, spanking can make you feel like you’re on fire…and not just your bottom!

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Yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi

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2 Responses to “Spanking”

  1. Laura says:

    Yes! There is nothing like the anticipation of an open hand. Relinquishing control of our most primal instinct, to not feel pain, is an amazing turn on.


  2. paul concannon says:

    spanking is fun! i agree i love spanking both as a spanker and a spankee thank you so much for the great collection of sweet spanking pictures

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