Sex Tips & Tricks: What to Put in Your Mouth

Giving good tongue is fun, but it’s even more fun when you’ve got something in your mouth while you’re going down on her.

Caution first: no hot spices or ground chili pepper of any kind, nothing too hot, nothing sharp, nothing small enough that you might accidentally choke on.

Fun things to put in your mouth:

Ice cubes are one of our favorites. You get the cool, slippery, crackly sensation of the ice cube in your mouth, and she gets the utterly clit-blasting experience of hot and cold at the same time. Keep the ice in your mouth and try licking the rest of her, too!

Whipped cream, chocolate or any other food that melts or dissolves. Just let it melt all over her as you go down on her.

Wine, iced tea, lukewarm hot chocolate, water. We must say, water is always one of the most fun sex toys to add to your repertoire. We loved the sink-side scene in Superfreak…it’s only too bad the one with the hose didn’t take a big gulp herself!

Fruit—try chunks of melon, strawberries or pineapple—gives you the syrupy sweet taste and creates a delicious, fleshy sensation on her clit.

Tongues that are pierced, we’ve heard, are pierced for one reason only: pure pleasure in oral sex. Small or large, piercings add to that incredible feeling that reaches down into your belly and pushes toward orgasm. We liked the Barbara DeGenevieve’s close-ups in Full Load. You can really see how the tongue-piercing “works” in the down-and-dirty.

If you’re orally obsessed, check out Sugar High Glitter City, where “sugar is outlawed” and the dykes will do anything—and we mean anything—to get it.

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