Ask Fanny: Learning to Female Ejaculate

Dear Fanny
My wife has been just learning [to female ejaculate] and can’t fully get it to spray yet, but she does have it come out, but not a lot yet. It’s all new to us so far.


Tony in New York

Dear Tony in New York,
Congratulations! Your wife is ejaculating!  I’d love to hear from her how that feels, but I can guess it feels tremendous.

Not all women spray out, or even want to spray out if they can. Most women just “gush” and this “gushing” amount is sometimes overlooked as excessive vaginal lubrication. For sure, it is still ejaculation, because the amount of ejaculate has nothing to do with the act of ejaculating.

So therefore, your wife is definitely ejaculating. The quantity of ejaculate can increase over time – a few years – as a woman learns to feel comfortable with ejaculating, and also integrates ejaculating into her normal lovemaking routine. So, perhaps over time you MAY find this lovely spray upon your arms and chest – smile – but for now, celebration is in order!

I say MAY because not all women will arc out, and remember, many women cannot arc out or even ejaculate if there is something in their vagina at the moment of ejaculation, so let your penis, fingers or toy come out of her vagina when she starts to push out the ejaculate.

Good luck!

Deborah, a.k.a. Fanny Fatale
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