Sex Tips & Tricks – Wet Summer Fun

By Fanny Fatale

Summertime fun means getting wet all over, so let’s get down to it, girls!

Here is the best position for female ejaculation in a large bathtub, hot tub, swimming pool or your local wilderness river (wee hours of the morn’, of course).

This idea arose from the French actresses in my new video, Female Ejaculation: The Workshop

Female Ejaculation - The Workshop We rented an old, restored hotel room in Paris that used to be a brothel, and the large, sumptuous tub spurred many a creative idea!

The lesbian scene stars French adult idol Lydia St. Martin and up-and-coming, HOT French lesbian adult actress Wendi Delorme. The scene they did in the bathtub for the camera (and our benefit) turned out to be optimum for both partner and student when learning how to female ejaculate.

The fun, however, isn’t just for newbies…

Sit up on the rim of a large bathtub while your partner is sitting in the bathtub in the water. Alternatives to a large bathtub are: edge of pool or hot tub, dock at the lake, kayak on land, incline of a riverbank. The elevated position of the woman about to ejaculate is ideal for the partner who is sitting – usually in various levels of water – because she can see her finger(s) rub the body of the g-spot.

But that’s only half of it. Your partner will actually be able to see the head of your g-spot being pushed out of the vagina when her queen on a special seat ejaculates! Why? Think eye level.

In addition, this is the best position to receive an “arc” of ejaculate right in the face and chest! A delightful reward for your partner’s patience and efforts to assist the fountainous favors to flow!

For those of you who follow my column “Ask Fanny,” we know that one of the biggest obstacles for women to ejaculate freely is not letting go, sometimes due to the fear of urinating.

Moving to a water source minimizes concerns that the woman trying to ejaculate might have about peeing. (This may not work for an urban setting, but if you are doing it near dawn on an urban curb, you probably are not the type who has to learn how to let go!)
But for the rest of you more reserved women who are first learning to ejaculate (and even for the diehard veterans) a good reminder is this: Recite your mantra: Prepare to Pee.

This motto works to remove the deeply embedded fear of peeing to help you learn to let go! To repeat: when a women’s G-spot is stimulated, it swells with prostatic fluid (female ejaculate). At that point, it is as difficult for a woman to pee as it is for a man when he is swollen and sexually excited. What is not difficult at that point for either a woman or a man is to ejaculate!

No watering hole? Go outside in the backyard and sit on a chair. Make sure it is a chair that won’t flop over backward when you are in the throws of orgasm, okay? That said, give your partner an eyeful while you sit on the edge of the chair and she sits on a picnic blanket on the ground. Hot afterwards? Drown yourself in a bucket of water à la Jennifer Beals in Flashdance.

Female Ejaculation - The Workshop DVDTo see Wendi and Lydia’s bathtub scene and female ejaculation, check out Female Ejaculation: The Workshop.

Female Ejaculation for Couples DVDWant to see even more positions for fabulous female ejaculations? Check out my straight DVD Female Ejaculation for Couples. You’ll see lots and lots of good positions!

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