Sex Tips: Back-Door Positions

It’s a lazy late-summer day, so we thought we’d bring back a classic Sex Tips column that originally appeared in the March 2007 issue of the newsletter. It’s as relevant today as it was then for anyone who likes anal pleasure.

Back-Door Positions
Anal sex isn’t as complicated as it might seem when you’ve never tried it, but discovering the pleasures of anal sex is an unexcelled delight.

For women who like to take it, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of fingers inside and another finger poking in the back door. It’s also an utter turn-on for stimulating the G-spot.

For those who like it with a dildo, there are three main positions that come in handiest when you’re in the mood.

Missionary position: Anal sex in the missionary position (one of you lying on your back, the one with the dildo facedown on top) takes lifting your legs higher in the air, and some strategic kneeling if you’re on top. Put a pillow under your butt. This helps raise your pelvis and provide a “good opening” for that anal dildo.

bob2_pic02Doggie-style: This position is the easiest for first-timers. That butt is right in front of you and you can stand up while your partner leans over the edge of a bed, couch, chair…or even the kitchen table! Try it. If you’re the bottom and trying this for the first time, spread your arms out and grab hold of whatever you can find. And relax! This is the easiest entry for mind-blowing fun.

Sitting up and facing backwards: This position doesn’t really have a name. We used to think of it as “girl on top,” but really if you’re the one who’ll be getting it, you’ll be facing away from your partner, not facing each other. We think this works best if you’re using a butt plug or dildo—they have good smaller ones for this type of activity—but it’s great for a finger or two, too.

Gay guys no doubt have a zillion more positions to enjoy this most enjoyable sex act, but these three are, in our opinion, good for starting out.

And remember the three bending over “bare necessities” whether you’re on the top or the bottom:
1. A condom or latex glove
2. Lots and lots and lots of water-based lube
3. Relax and talk to each other

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  1. stormie says:

    Sitting up and facing backwards—is that the reverse cow-girl?

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