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3 Things You Should Never Say to Your Lover

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

Not that every day brings romance, chocolate, flowers, Champagne, to a relationship, but there are some things that are just plain wrong to say face to face to your sweetheart.

Dress makes you look fat







1. That dress makes you look fat.


Our Anniversary?







2. It’s our anniversary!??


The Real L Word XXX San Francisco









3. Did you come yet?


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Sex Tips: Going Down

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

In this encore “Sex Tips,” several tips for how to go down on your girlfriend and give her good head. Cunnilingus, going down, giving head, clit-licking—we love it, and there’s nothing more delicious in the world!

Real L Word XXX San Francisco

Going down on your girlfriend seems easy once you’ve had some practice—a few years is a good start—but if you’re new to going down on your girlfriend, or you have a new girlfriend or have never tried it and want to, there are a few tips to help you get comfortable and dive in.

First off, find out if she likes it. How? You can edge your hand southward, letting your mouth follow, trailing kisses down her belly.

Glance up to see her expression. Is she grimacing? Does it look like she’s grinning and bearing it? Is she smiling? Is she looking down at you?

Murmur sweetly, “Is this okay?”

If she says yes or nods in the affirmative, you’re on your way.

Touch her first to see if she’s wet, then ease your mouth down and simply kiss her. You don’t have to start off like a starving suckling. Gently run your tongue around the shaft of her clitoris.

She may taste sweet or not. Don’t worry about that now. You want to juice her up some more to get fresh juices flowing. Her scent may change too as her excitement increases.

Some women like to have the “hood” of the clitoris pulled back; some don’t. Test the waters, so to speak, and see if she likes it or not. Ask her if you’re not sure.

Some women like to have a finger inserted while you’re sucking and swirling your tongue around her clit. Nudge one finger toward her opening. If she spreads her legs and says yes, then go for it.

The sensations of having your clit licked and being finger-fucked are very different, so keep your attention on her clit. When she’s ready to come, you should feel her vaginal walls squeeze tight then relax. Her clit will probably get stiff and hard.

Tease her a bit but not for too long, especially if you want to fuck later. Let her come now.

A note on positions. In straight girl/girl porn videos shot (usually) by men, you’ll notice the neck-wrenching contortions the licker has to go through for the camera to “get the shot.”

In real lesbian porn, you oftentimes just see the back of the head. This is because real cunnilingus takes real dedication and attention—nose in pussy.

Good examples of real lesbians in action are Lesbian Curves and Take Her Down!

But don’t be fooled into thinking you won’t get off on the real thing—it’s sexier than ever to watch the real thing, and listen as real orgasms spew forth.

For more real lesbian clit-sucking, check out MILF Shakes and The Real L Word XXX San Francisco.


5 Secrets to Ravishing Her

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Tina Horn and Jae in Seven Minutes in Heaven

Ravish: to overcome with emotion (as joy or delight) <ravished by the scenic beauty>

When you’re ready to transport the woman of your dreams to another level of joy, to delight her with your sexiness and suave, try these 5 tips. These are our observations gleaned from years of watching porn and watching clit-popping sex between lovers and strangers alike:

Sha and Emilie by Emilie Jouvet

1Surprise her. Jump her bones, kiss her in public, put your hand up her skirt when she least expects it. Not in front of her mother. Or maybe in front of her mother.

2. Baby her. Kiss her and cuddle her, rub her neck, kiss her clit before she knows she even wants it.

3. Buy her stuff. Small stuff she likes. When she least expects it. Just for nothing. Just for being her.

4. Tease her senses – blindfold her, spank her, feed her, let her inhale you when you’re wet and thirsting for her.

5. Give as good as you get.


One Night StandTo see one of the best ravishing scenes we know, check out One Night Stand.


Hookups and Dating – Call for Comments

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Hookups and Dating

We’re writing a Sex Tips piece on hookups, dating and the current social scene.

Intrigued by a New York Times article, “The End of Courtship?” we thought we’d get your ideas and opinions first.

“The word ‘date’ should almost be stricken from the dictionary,” wrote one 30-year-old single. “Dating culture has evolved to a cycle of text messages, each one requiring the code-breaking skills of a cold war spy to interpret.”

Do you agree?

We want to hear from people outside the U.S. too. Don’t be shy! Tell us what you think.

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Or post your anonymous or signed comments here and clicking “Submit Comment.”

Sex Tips: How to Play with Wax

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Wintertime is the perfect time to sit by the fire and play footsie, or dine by candlelight on a cold night. If you’re like us and light candles every night—for dinner, or just because it looks nice and feels romantic—then maybe you’ve thought of playing with candle wax.

The main thing to remember if you want to explore what candle wax feels like on bare flesh is that the higher up you hold the candle, the cooler the wax will be when it touches skin.

Use plain unscented tapers, not pillars or votives.

It’s best to begin by having your lover lie on her belly, then hold the candle high above her hips or butt, the fleshy places on her are best. And it’s best to save the upper thighs for later, after she’s gotten used to the sensation of the hot wax dripping.

Go slow, one drip at a time, and talk to her about how it feels. You can also test it out on yourself first too, on your forearm or on your thigh above your knee. If you drip wax on a hairy part of her body, know that the hair will rip out (and probably hurt) when you later remove the wax.

If you’re the bottom and want to “get waxed,” remember to breathe deep and talk to your lover. If the first drop or two are too hot, say so. Relax your butt, too, and really allow the sensations—like pinpricks at first—to penetrate.

As you get more adventurous, try dripping wax on her breasts, down her belly and around her upper thighs. We don’t recommend wax play directly on her clitoris unless you’re well advanced in the art.

Add a blindfold to the erotic play and you can really have fun!

The Black Glove and The Elegant SpankingFor a delicious hot-wax sex scene, very advanced and not for the faint-hearted, check out Maria Beatty’s The Black Glove, sold on DVD with The Elegant Spanking as Fetish Films Volume I.


(This post is drawn from the Fatale Newsletter archives andwas originally published in Fatale’s newsletter.)

Sex Tips: How to Tell If Your Partner Is Faking It

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

There are a thousand reasons why people fake it in bed. Sometimes it might even be a good idea.

But what if you’re the one who feels like maybe your partner is faking it. How can you tell?

First off, just because she doesn’t gush doesn’t mean she hasn’t had an orgasm. Real orgasms don’t always mean gushing female ejaculations, even if you have stroked her G-spot. You can have an orgasm without gushing.

That said, here are our top tips on how to tell is she’s faking it:

1. She’s not really even that wet. Put your finger(s) down there. You’ll be able to tell.

2. She’s not working up a sweat.

3. Her nipples aren’t hard.

4. Her moans and/or murmurs or screams don’t sound like her usual.

5. This is the most important one: she shows no signs of satisfaction or joy.

These are mostly physical signs of faking it, but the emotional content is inherent.

If your partner fakes it once or twice, don’t worry about it. But if it’s chronic, talk to her. Find out why. Find out what she needs to be satisfied in bed.

Female Ejaculation for Couples DVDMore conversation here, in dozens of Fatale Sex Tips and expert advice about female ejaculation and the G-spot.

Female Ejaculation for Couples is a perfect resource if you want to explore G-spot orgasms.

Tongue-Tied? Flirting, Talking Dirty and More

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Everybody gets tongue-tied now and then, picking up girls, e-mailing potential dates from online personals, approaching somebody on the street or in school or at work.

Be yourself, everybody says.

But what if you don’t know who you are, or who you want to be with this particular person? What if you want to explore something different?

Even couples who have been together for a while might want to break out of routine and try something new.

In Hope Springs, Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones star as a long-term couple who explore adding spark to their marriage.

When asked by the Philippine Daily Inquirer about why passion and sexuality “continue to be subjects that are not so openly discussed,” Streep said, “That has something to do with our vulnerability in talking about sex. We’re talking about our most vulnerable self, our needs, insecurities and nakedness, literally. But we’re also talking about our emotional needs, what we yearn for and what we never stop hoping for.”

Going out on sexier dates means learning to get over being tongue-tied. Being sexier means learning to flirt and even to talk dirty. It means being vulnerable.

In Talk to Me Baby: A Lover’s Guide to Dirty Talk and Role Play director and host Shar Rednour recommends role play for couples who want to explore “something different.”

We think role-play is a perfect way to be vulnerable and protected at the same time. But you have to ask for it. To get up the courage and say, “Want to talk dirty? Want to play dress-up?”

It’s the perfect time of year (think Halloween) to try dressing up and role-playing. There’s not much to lose in toying with new personalities, new personas, reaching inside to grab whatever you yearn for.

You can sound sexy and suggestive, flirty; you can free that sexy creature inside you.

Yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi

P.S. SMUT Magazine wrote about Talk to Me Baby: A Lover’s Guide to Dirty Talk and Role Play: “Shar Rednour is, as always, the perfect hostess. She’s her usual vampy, campy and out of control self. What I love about this video is that anyone can get something out of it.”

P.P.S. Check out what calls “the best lesbian porn.”

7 Tips for How to Talk to Her

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

When it comes right down to talking, and talking sexy, to a potential new girlfriend, try these seven tips:

1. Think flirting. Don’t push the “I’m so sexy” persona unless you want to risk turning her off. Keep it light.

2. Ask about her, then listen. What does she like to do when she goes out? What’s the sexiest party she ever went to? When you get to know her better, ask her if she’s ever thought about role-playing, or if she likes to talk dirty in bed.

3. Eavesdrop, then pick up on her conversations. If you overhear her talking to her girlfriends or other friends (and this applies to her Facebook and Twitter postings too, for assessing her interests), pick up on what she’s saying, and how she’s saying it. Is she cooing away about a new pair of high heels? You know enough to ask which new style she likes best.

4. Timing makes a difference. You can eavesdrop, but don’t bust in on her conversations. Wait till there’s an opening, then talk to her.

5. Don’t ignore her friends. If you’re in a public or even semi-private place, include her friends in the conversation. Even if you’ve only got eyes for her, how you treat her friends reflects on your character.

6. Tongue-tied? Admit it. Say, “I’m usually kind of shy,” then ask to buy her a drink or coffee. As long as your timing is good, most people won’t say no.

7. Want to talk dirty? Tell her she’s sexy, and tell her exactly what you want to do with her once you’re in bed.

There are lots of ways to talk to women, and to engage them socially. Getting up the nerve is the hard part. Talking comes naturally once you relax. Flirting with her opens you up to talking dirty in bed and on the phone.

We owe a nod of thanks to Nick Savoy’s Love Systems for ideas that informed this article.

Read more about Talk to Me Baby.

See all Fatale Media’s sexy videos.


Sex Tips: How to Introduce Kink

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Whether you’ve been together for decades or just hooking up, introducing kink to your relationship shouldn’t be embarrassing or difficult. We recommend going slow, and depending on how serious you are, it may involve some lessons.

Lesson #1. Put away 50 Shades of Grey.

Assuming kink hasn’t been in your sex life from the beginning, adding kinky sex to your arsenal can spark a relationship and ensure you’re never bored. Lesbian bed death? No way!

Crash Pad Series Volume 4 spanking

Do you know what you want? Perhaps you’ve seen pictures or videos of lovers tying each other up or you like the idea of spanking.

If you don’t know what you want, take some time to look around the Web and watch videos. No question, we always recommend watching porn!

Madison Young in Queer ManorLesson #2. Express yourself.

There are myriad ways to tell your sweetie you want to kink it up in bed. Here are two that work: 1) Just do it while you’re making love. Spank her lightly. Pull out that new whip you just bought and tap her bum. Wear the latex brassiere. Start sucking her toes. Act out your fetish and see what her reaction is. 2) Ask her, whether or not you’re in bed.

Lesson #3. Take your kink out of the bedroom. Are you pierced? Take it up a notch and wear a heavier ring to work. Try wearing nipple clamps to a party. Corsets are nice under work clothes too.

Lesson #4. Less is more. Play safe. If you’re unsure of what you’re doing, stop.

Lesson #5. Enjoy the ride. Listen to your body, love yourself and your partner.

The MarketplaceAnd if you want to read a book to get that pussy wet, try The Marketplace by Laura Antoniou. There may be lots of other places to start, but this one is the classic BDSM novel, and our favorite.

It’s the first in a trilogy, and there are links to read the first chapters, get books, e-books and more at Laura’s blog.



Summertime Sex Tips

Friday, July 15th, 2011

With heat waves sweeping the U.S. west to east, and with air conditioning not always the answer (we don’t have one), we thought we’d offer up a few summertime sex tips:

–Make love outside (up on the roof or out on the fire escape or out back in a tent)

Sleep outside so you’ll be in the mood for more sex outside

–Take a cold shower together…the cool buzz will last the rest of the night

–Go skinny-dipping, especially good if you’ve got a place by the water or a friend with a pool; you can put cold water in the hot tub too!

–Go to the movies, make out in the back-row seats (this is a time-tested New York City solution to heat waves).

Want to add to this list? Post your comment here. We want to know what you do!

Yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi

   P.S. Check out Take Her Down for the naked lesbians outdoor swimming pool scene.

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