What Do Gay Girls Want?

Do gay girls like anal? We’ve been surprised at how many people are trying to find the answer to this pressing question.

In our experience, lesbians like most anything, assuming the act is approached with a level of communication and not just plunged in. If you get our drift… There are a lot of options down there, and women are no different than anyone else when it comes to enjoying sex.

We’re headed to Washington, D.C., next weekend to see Christi’s sister and her wife. Yes, you read that right. They got married in Massachusetts last summer and are now hosting a weekend-long party for friends and family. Too bad we just missed the March on Washington.

We always figured we’d get married…and then we realized we already were—in spirit and form and function. Our rings still do mean something and represent our decade-plus commitment to each other.

Does this mean some lesbians simply want sex and others need and/or want marriage and others just want to watch episodes of The L Word? Nothing against The L Word, mind you. Or maybe all three?

Courtney Trouble wrote a good piece exploring these notions in “Hot ’n’ Heavy” for this month’s issue of Curve Magazine.

Tell us: What do you want? Click on the Comments below and tell us!

Meanwhile, any suggestions for where to find fun, sexy dykes in D.C., let us know!

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