How Many Fingers * How Do You Identify?

In the November 2009 poll, we asked: How many fingers?

The verdict is in, and it’s not by any means resounding. Check out last month’s results here.

This month we ask: How do you identify yourself sexually?

Vote now! The poll is on Fatale’s home page.

And we’ll give you the results next month.

Happy Holidays! We wish you dazzling hot sex!

Nan and Christi

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2 Responses to “How Many Fingers * How Do You Identify?”

  1. Tobi says:

    Could you make it so we can check more than one? I identify with several things on this list. Also, it doesn’t work to have trans here too if you can only check one, as it’s a separate type of identity. It would be like asking if you are a man, woman, gay, or straight, but you have to check one.

  2. Christi says:

    Good idea! This polling software doesn’t allow for more than one click, but we should have put in MTF and FTM as options. Sorry ’bout that!

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