Fatale’s Gift to You – A Holiday Note

This past year has been a rough one for a lot of people, and we at Fatale wanted to say thank you for hanging in there with us. So here’s a thank-you holiday gift to you

Get Free Shipping from FataleFree shipping on all orders in the U.S., and half-price shipping outside the U.S.

No minimum orders. No minimum amount. Whatever you want, you get it fast, and now through December 25, 2009, the shipping’s on us.

Plus, there’s free gift-wrapping—your choice, Christmas or non-Christmas wrapping paper—and free personalized gift cards.

At Fatale, you can find the right gift for the right person—it’s easy! (Scroll down to see some suggestions for your best girlfriend, your sweetie, your adventurous godmother.)

At Fatale, you get not only fast, free shipping, gift-wrapping and gift cards, but you get personalized, discreet service.

And if you need your package even faster, you always have UPS Next-Day Air and UPS 2-Day Air to choose from.

Have a question? Let us know. We’ll answer you right away. You won’t waste a minute wondering if or when your gift shipped, and to the right person.

Want to know which Courtney Trouble queer DVD you should buy? Or if the Bend Over Boyfriend DVDs will play in Spain? (They will.) Or if your package will be discreetly shipped? (It will.)

Seven Minutes in Heaven coverAnd don’t miss the latest queer lesbian DVD at Fatale—Courtney Trouble’s Seven Minutes in Heaven: Coming Out. Wow! This diverse cast of “reality” porn amateurs is a knockout—hard-driving, hard-loving and willing to do just about anything for the camera.

Check out the Favorite Lesbian DVDs page, too. It’s jam-packed with reviews and good gift suggestions.

Make the holidays easy for yourself. Here’s the new holiday shipping schedule–


It’s easy to change your order, too, if you change your mind. Just shoot us an e-mail or call us at 888-5-FATALE (888-532-8253) or +1-415-454-3291. We’ll respond within 24 hours, and usually right away. Your time, after all, is valuable.

Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. You may return or exchange any DVD that doesn’t suit your fancy. We want you to be happy!

This year we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving at a friend’s house, then cooking up some “leftovers” for us on Friday. We know we have a lot to be thankful for this year, particularly those of us who delight in our sexuality.

Happy Thanksgiving! We’ll be sending out our regular newsletter and posting more entries here on December 1st.

Yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi

P.S. You can pay securely at Fatale by credit card or with PayPal. And remember, you get free shipping through Christmas. See all Fatale’s DVDs.

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