Queer Schmear

We’ll write more about this in a future issue of the Fatale Media Blog, but we want to clarify what we mean by “queer porn,” which is at this point mostly lesbian but not 100%.

Some of you have asked, for example, about Roulette by Courtney Trouble , with it’s boy-boy scene smack dab in the middle of the lesbian scenes.

Queer Manor by Madison Young lesbian pornQueer Manor, the new DVD by Madison Young, however, is by our definition pure lesbian. Don’t be fooled by the title.

We went to Courtney Trouble and asked her how she defines queer. Here’s what she said:

Queer Porn can be any combination of boys, girls, transfolk and genderqueers, doing any combination of things, be it sweet, romantic, vanilla, kinky, experimental or rough. Queer is a word used by those whose sexuality does not fit so easily with what society has given us to choose from. For instance, I don’t fit into a lesbian description because I am attracted to more than just women in my sexual fantasies and in my daily life.

Seven Minutes in Heaven queer porn“As well, I don’t feel ‘bisexual’ because I like more than two gender identities. I try to mix a little bit of everything into my films, proving that the diversity of desire is more than just LGBT, and sometimes, who we are does not dictate what we watch to get off.”

Stay tuned for more from Courtney Trouble, director most recently of Seven Minutes in Heaven: Coming Out .

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