Takin’ it to the streets—sex and the public sphere

The street, the beach, the backseats of cars… On commuter trains, at your desk, in the office elevator… On pool tables, in bars, in public restrooms…

These are just a few public masturbation dens. Yummy!

Masturbating in a carHere are some of our favorite reader comments so far:

“I like to do it in my car while I am driving. One time I orgasmed as I was transitioning from the 15 freeway to the 805 in very heavy traffic. Now that I am a little older and live in a rural community, I like to take my convertible out for a drive in the summer evenings while naked. Could someone please spank me?”

“Bathroom at boot camp.”

“I did it in the forest while searching for mushrooms in France. I went off the track behind bushes and sat down. I had great orgasm and squirt.”

You can submit your own comment here at the blog.

What about toys? Vibrators? Almost no one has mentioned using toys or vibrators, although a couple comments specifically mention the squeezing together of legs or using a water jet to get off.

Tell us! We want to know. What’s the most public place you’ve masturbated?

We think voyeurism counts too, especially Christi, having lived in New York City for so many years. When does your apartment become a public space? What about a beach house? Same issue?

Till next time, yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi

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