Sex on the Beach: Postcard from Florida

During a visit to Florida recently, Christi watched one evening as couples gathered on the beach near sundown, some of them under cabanas but mostly just sprawled on towels, lying face-up to watch the evening sky darken.

A long line of airplanes, lit like planets in themselves, were aligned across the eastern sky, each of them headed toward Miami. Behind the beach runs the Hollywood (Florida) boardwalk where couples strolled hand in hand and restaurants filled with hungry diners.

Hollywood FL boardwalk

It was after Labor Day and before “winter,” as the locals call it here—that time when northerners descend on the state and locals “can’t get a place to park.”

It was steamy and sexy all at once. Those couples lying on the beach, couples holding hands on the boardwalk, all lost in private reverie.

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