5 Secrets to Ravishing Her

Tina Horn and Jae in Seven Minutes in Heaven

Ravish: to overcome with emotion (as joy or delight) <ravished by the scenic beauty>

When you’re ready to transport the woman of your dreams to another level of joy, to delight her with your sexiness and suave, try these 5 tips. These are our observations gleaned from years of watching porn and watching clit-popping sex between lovers and strangers alike:

Sha and Emilie by Emilie Jouvet

1Surprise her. Jump her bones, kiss her in public, put your hand up her skirt when she least expects it. Not in front of her mother. Or maybe in front of her mother.

2. Baby her. Kiss her and cuddle her, rub her neck, kiss her clit before she knows she even wants it.

3. Buy her stuff. Small stuff she likes. When she least expects it. Just for nothing. Just for being her.

4. Tease her senses – blindfold her, spank her, feed her, let her inhale you when you’re wet and thirsting for her.

5. Give as good as you get.


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