Rough-n-Tumble Springtime Fun

Ela and Madison Young

Madison Young has done it again with two new sexy DVDs—Lesbian Strap-On Fantasies – Roommates with Benefits and Lesbians in the Wild 2 – Rooftops & Rebels.

These two new movies are both now in stock and ship within 24 hours of ordering.

As Madison told the Huffington Post, “I love beautiful porn. Erotic films that capture the beauty of the body, the beauty of sexual desire. The erotic films and porn I enjoy often have an artistic edge to them.”


Daisy and Bella Strap-On Fantasies

We are totally hyped for these two new “beautiful porn” films from the Feminist Porn Award winner herself. 50 Shades of Dylan Ryan won Hottest Kink Movie, and Queer Manor remains one of our favorite porn flicks of all time.

Find out more and watch the trailers here:
Lesbians in the Wild 2 – Rooftops & Rebels
Lesbian Strap-On Fantasies – Roommates with Benefits

If you have any desire to get a free DVD also from Filly Films (Madison Young’s company) called Lesbian Teen Fantasies, put a note in the Comments section of the order form, and we’ll send you one, along with your paid order, at no charge. Quantity limited.

Till next time, we wish you happiness and fabulous sex!

Nan & Christi

P.S.  See all Fatale’s lesbian titles, what calls “the best lesbian porn.”

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