Sex Tips & Tricks: Bend Over Your Boyfriend

Anal sex for women who want to do their men has become a phenomenon since we at Fatale first produced Bend Over Boyfriend.

When you’re ready to open yourself up to anal eroticism, also known as pegging, there are a few tips you should know to maximize your pleasure—and your partner’s.

Plan ahead. You’ll and lots and lots of lube and a glove to start. You’ll also want condoms and a small dildo especially for anal sex.

Relax. You’ve planned ahead and talked with your partner about trying anal sex. There’s nothing to worry about. If it happens, great. If it doesn’t happen, don’t worry. You’ll have another opportunity.

Add some romance. Kiss and cuddle, fuck if you want, touch each other, stroke and lick and tease and talk dirty to each other.

Strap it on. If you know how to use a strap-on, you’re one step ahead. If you don’t know how, practice ahead of time, then ease into the leg straps, tighten the straps so that the dildo is against your pubic bone. An added bonus, you’ll feel it on your clit, too!

Finger his butt. Put on your glove and squeeze lots of lube on your gloved hand. You might want to put a pillow under his hips so you have better access. Gently explore his butthole and ease your finger inside a little bit. Just a little bit. Allow him to relax.

Bend Over, Boyfriend. There are several positions for anal sex that work well. One of the best ways to start is to have him kneel on the bed, and you can kneel up behind him. Guide the strap-on dildo to his anus and gently tease his butthole. You must talk to each other so you know what feels good to him.

Listen. It shouldn’t hurt. If he’s uncomfortable he should say so. And you should ease out. Just leave the tip in as long as he says it’s okay.

Pump and stroke. You can reach around and stroke his penis, drag your nails down his back, grab his hips and have a good ol’ time as you pump away!

34 Responses to “Sex Tips & Tricks: Bend Over Your Boyfriend”

  1. Dana and John says:

    Thank you for the info. We have been doing this for some time now. Always wondered if anyone else did too! The sexual response he gets is incredible! And I know he is not gay. We just discovered an awesome sexual experience that has taken us to an other level.

    Dana and John

  2. Susan C. says:

    I’d love to try this sometime with a secure and willing partner – uh-hum, . . .

  3. Susan C. says:

    quid pro quo, of course, as I loved being held down against my will . . . 🙂 I REALLY like that aspect of male dominance – just make some time for me and I’m sure that we’ll be happy at the end of the evening , , ,

  4. scott says:

    It is fun especially with the right partner with a good attitude . Shall we explore more ?

  5. Chuck says:

    my wife and i have explored anal sex, i am a straight male and it has opened new doors to our life

  6. nargis says:

    I want my boy friend to fuck him from behind, but dildos are not avaialbe in Pakistan. how can i fullfill my desire.It is intereastin to say that he often his member in my anal canal that is very pleasant and sensational- nargis

  7. authorCC says:

    Nargis, use your fingers. Just make sure you use lubricant. Good luck!

  8. dorothy says:

    i want to try this with my boyfriend i am a older woman and he is younger do u think he will let me

  9. authorCC says:

    Hey, Dorothy,

    Ask him. See what he says. If he’s open to the idea.

    If he’s a little shy, here are some tips from a recent blog post–


  10. kenhall says:

    my wife fingered my ass while giving me head and tried to stick a vibrator in it but couldn,t get it in i told her that i wanted her to penetrate me as much as she wanted that i want to be her sex slave

  11. kenhall says:

    oh yeah since that happen my ass feels like there is something missing she hs a short small double dildo which i sneak off and stick in my ass and masturebate imagineing she is penetrateing me with a strap on i hope in the near future she carrys out mt fantasy

  12. Sam says:

    My girlfriend took some of your advice. I don’t know how she did it, but we were doggy style with me inside her anus. She reached back and inserted her fingers in my anus. She used her two fingers to control my speed and thrusting in her. I became her “puppet” It lead to the most intense orgasm I have ever had. Thank you VERY much

  13. joshua says:

    I recently told my girlfriend that i wanted her to penatrate me, she has already had her fingers in my ass, which i loved the orgasms were incredible. ever since we have been talking about doing this I have been on the edge of my seat. From the reading that I have done it states this doesn’t make you gay which i do strongly believe. but my question is, is that she is wanting me to wear some of her outfit and underwear. is this still in the same catergory as not being gay?

  14. vince says:

    my wife and are going try this tonight. I too have been on the edge of my seat since she said she wanted to do this. I’ve had her finger in my ass and that felt great. Now that the strap on she ordered has arrived were going to take it to the next level.

  15. mike says:

    I wonder if Susan C. will ever read this… Look no further here I am ..

  16. Sean says:

    Oh God,one thing I love is to see that other people are just like me and my girl.My girlfriend is 19,I am 37..I know,I know.What ever.Im not rich,she isn’t either so there is gold diggin going on,we just are in love..anyway,we have both been in some drug related dark places,which for this particular forum doesn’t matter.The point,I am straight..I tried boy on boy sex about 3 or four times..didn’t like it,butt :)ha ha(butt)I absoultely LOVE my baby fucking my ass and I have been playing with my ass for years cause it uhhh?feels good!!!point,we both know I am not gay and we do role playing when one of us comes up with something we havent done or want to try.I have been a 14 year old girl,with panties on.(no bra)but panties and had her “molest me”,during that molsetation she of course put on our strap-on and fucked me silly.OMG(oh my god)It was fucking hot,hot,HOT..when we met she had never had a bend-over-boyfriend and it was weird for her at first she says,but then she found that she started to like the control,calling me her little bitch eventually and puttin me on my back or turnin me over on my stomach.Anyway..POINT…NO..there is no problem,and NO your not gay or weird.You got to remember,if you like something,so do a million other people but with stuff like this,(sexual stuff)it is personalt than god for tes like these where we can all talk.

  17. Tammy says:

    I have been bending my husband over for a few months and he loves it. We have just ordered more things to try out. I’m trying to get info from others just to get ideas to make him and myself enjoy it. I think I’ll let him do me and then I’ll treat him. We are having fun trying out new ins and outs.

  18. dennis c. says:

    im very eager to be a bob. me and the exwife still occasionally hook-up. i love to let her catch me masterbating. watching her play with herself really gets me goin. she seems to enjoy watching me please myself and tease my hole with an oiled finger. i guide her fingers to my asshole and moan and squirm as her fingers glide over my hole. . . i love to bend her over and lick her pussy from behind then venture to her hot hole, licking ,rimming, burying my tounge deep into her ass. the closest i got to her giving me what i want , is when i laid all of her toys on the bed , got naked , and started playing while she showered.i had a finger vibe in my butt crack and her big pink cock oiled and rubbing against my cock.we sat spread eagle watching playing with each other. i teased her ass with the vibe and and placed it at my hole moaning and groaning as i bucked my hips.finally slid the head in her ass and asked if she liked it .oh yessss , i love it she replyed. with that i guided her hand to the buzzing toy , and held it against my ass , and asked her to show me how it feels.mmmm fuck me as she eased it into my tight hole, i begged. im not sure if she enjoyed it as much as me , but i wanted more…on our next encounter she masterbated for me , told her i loved her ass and wanted her to bend over so i could swirl my tounge around her any new toys i asked while slowly fucking her butt with the slim toy. got a strapon , i asked .no she said , we need to go shopping. ok , will you fuck me with your strapon , i finally asked. mmmmm ide love to fuck you in the ass she purred. you gotta let my girlfriend record you on your knees begging to suck our big strapon cocks while getting fucked in the ass

    any willing ladies interested in bending me over returning the pleasures of anal sex? theres nothing hotter than a woman with a strapon eager to use it !!!

  19. Sandra says:

    I’ve been trying to use a strapon on my boyfriend for months, he won’t let me. He just says that he is not gay. The maximum I could do is rub his hole which he seemed to enjoy. I myself enjoy getting it in my ass, just want to let him feel the same

  20. Kelsey says:

    I’m not going to lie, I’m a little homophobic and my boyfriend is bisexual. I just didn’t want to think about him having sex with guys. I had been pondering the thought of fucking him with a strap on for the last couple days (we’ve been having some incredibly insane sex lately). I found the courage and mentioned something to him…last night was the night!!! woohoo i played around giving him oral for about an hour and took a vibrator down with me. It was amazing. He was loving it. then he fucked me for a while and so finally he said “tonight’s the night babe.” I was scared as hell. What if I do it wrong or hurt him or its awkward or something stupid. But to say the least we broke the strap on 🙂 It was amazing, hearing him in my place, moaning…that was soo hot, but next time I want to make him scream. hehe Eventually i took it off and he fucked me some more…incredible and very kinky. Afterwards i asked him how it was, and he said that it was by far the best he ever had. Boys included. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m usually the submissive one in the bedroom and that let me really take control! If you’re someone like me, don’t be afraid to try something new because you never know, you just might love it.

  21. William says:

    Tried to get my significant other to do me for a long time. Finally talked her into it and he sort of fumbled through the first sessions with a small “5 1/2″ x 7/8″ strap-on. Took her a while to get use to the equipment and to get position and thrust with the hips.

    After two months we’re up to a 7 1/2′ X 2 1/2” Dildo and she snaps her hips and drives it home when she fucks me. Using that on me with her hand when she gives me head is absolutely mind blowing. Only wish she could give me head when shes riding me hard. Maybe I’ll get lucky and talk her into a FFM threesome!

  22. jerry says:

    what can you really say when you have really great chemistry everything seems to work i mean, after few failed marrages we met, and it all clicked i mean we basicly gave each other signs. I mean she was sucking my cock one day and put her hands on my balls and reached down and it felt good and i opened my legs. Playing with my ass was great, but only the start, we were limited on toys. I could see my girl was into it, I was kind of nervous i was afraid, to take any thing too large so we started out small, and it felt great, but it didnt hit my prostate. We went larger, so we finally got a leather harness strapon I mean I have to tell you looking at her with a strapon on was very hot and she would tease the hell out of me make me so hot, i guess that goes with the chemistry. The thing besides how good it would feel so good getting fucked with the dildo. watching her cumming as she as fuking me. there was a puddle (did i mention she is a squirter) i found when i got on top of her sometimes I would lean back and put a finger in pussy, there were times it felt so good i was consumed with the feeling how good it felt inside of me, i would jerk off a few times and i would come and shoot a couple of feet in her hair face and all i could say all the guys who are worried about homophobia you really dont know what u are missing out on.

  23. Rush says:

    Just found this page and would love to be bent over by some woman. I’ve fantased about this for years… there are other parts to the fantasy. But at 63, I guess I’m just too old to find a woman to put her strapon up my virgin ass. I’d like to be a submissive in other ways also. I just wish I had done these things years ago instead of waiting till now to wonder how much pleasure I would get.

  24. shell says:

    hey Rush …don’t give up ..there are plenty of women out there looking for fun …i bet…

  25. I really enjoy what you write about here. I try and check it every day so keep up the good posts!

  26. Bob says:

    my long time monogamous girlfriend left me several years back because i had this desire, on top of discovering my occassional fetish for womens lingerie, bras n panties. I tried to tell her that i am not gay nor do i want to have a sex change or anything like that! And that I loved her and that im not gay, cuz Im not. I just have an unusual turn on and foreplay play! I love women and playing with women and sex with women, as a guy! Nothing turns me on more than turning on women and arousing them the way she wants it! I would love to meet and find a nice clean classy lady to have and to be hers, to love and sexplore, share and have fun with sexually and as a couple! It has been so difficult to find that right gal. So i am very single and very nice to hear that this is getting to be more widely accepted and a way or one form of love-making for more and more couples. One day soon i hope i find mine or she discovers me! Anyhow, i have been doing it myself more since ive been single and would love to share

  27. Bob says:

    i would love to meet the “susan c’s” out there, or even THE actual Susan C.

  28. Teena Steczo says:

    Hey Guys,

    Nice post, I have picked up a few tips from this 🙂

    Thanks for uploading.

    I will come back soon for updates soon to see if it can help me out.



  29. Anne Cross says:

    It’s laborious to search out knowledgeable folks on this matter, but you sound like you recognize what you’re talking about! Thanks

  30. Archie Goodwin says:

    I would love to be pegged but my wife would never hear of it….. My ass, and hers, are off limits for her.

  31. My blog says:

    I was seeking this particular information for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  32. wifey says:

    Marriage gets boring unless you quit bring a prude. Couples that play together and explore sexually together are happy outside of the bedroom in wsys sexually bored people dont realize. For example…The wink you give each other at dinnet now has more meaning…its exciting to explore sexually even when youre not exploring. Imagination is quite an aphrodiilsiac. Its exciting when you dont know what to expect. Evry wife should pretend that her wildest fantasy includes him wearing silk and lace lingerie while she goes down on him. Making sure to rub the silk on his genitals while doing it. Men that crossdress aren’t gay.. they are desireing

  33. Dong says:

    Tried it and it didn’t work at first.

  34. Phil says:

    I would love for my wife of 42 years to peg me, but she won’t touch my butthole nor will she let me touch hers.

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