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We received this letter this month:

“Big smile!!!! Thanks so-o-o very much, Christi!!! I really enjoyed it!!! I do have a question. Do you have any DVDs that feature fuller figured women? It could be studs/butches or femmes. I was just curious to know….Also do you have any with African-Americans in them? Not just interracial? So, thanks again & I will most definitely be ordering from Fatale in the future!!!!”

Another satisfied customer, Sekai from South Carolina, U.S.A.

Thanks for note and kind words, Sekai. We’re glad you enjoyed Hard Love. To answer your questions, in reverse order: African-American women, not an interracial scene. Yes! Sugar High Glitter City, the last scene, which is hot hot hot. And these dykes will do anything to get it.

Coming Home has a real-life dyke couple who are interracial, Miss Angelene and Chance in the Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle fantasy. Afterschool Special has a group sex scene with gals of all sizes and various colors.

Big gals: Afterschool Special, as mentioned, and Special Delivery (real-life couple, femme is the big gal, both of them are white) for sure. In Full Load, the last scene has a kind of big butch/almost-FTM in it. Plus a couple of the gals in there aren’t exactly tiny. One is really tiny, though, in the first scene. There are pictures at Fatale’s site.

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  1. michael says:

    I would like to know why you dont have black butch films i love them I would order them in a second. I even like interracial films with black butch and white lipstiks girls or white butch girls and black lipstiks girls, hell i love the big women as well in the same situation, I would love to see that. Write me back and give me a answer I would like that.

  2. Christi says:

    There are some fabulous lesbian films with black butches. Check out Afterschool Special (a double DVD with Turn Me Up Over and On) and the Pink and White Productions’ titles–The Crash Pad, Superfreak and our favorite, Wild Kingdom. Lots of hot hot hot action there!

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