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Hello, Fanny,

I was wondering if it is possible to improve the taste/smell of my ejaculate. My partner says that it is quite acidic and burns her throat. Upon tasting it myself I quite agree, and now understand why she chokes sometimes. Also, the scent is quite strong, bordering on unpleasant for both of us.

I am aware that my ejaculate should be light and fresh, and mine is not even in the ballpark. I am also quite positive it is not urine, since I have tasted that as well. I don’t push really hard (when I ejaculate), because I don’t have to (so I am not leaking urine). Mostly, I am receiving oral sex when I ejaculate (hence her choking). Sometimes it squirts out a bit, and other times (my female ejaculate) just gushes out.

I ejaculate almost every time I orgasm. I can have many orgasms in a session, so therefore I ejaculate a lot. I’m 39 now, and started to ejaculate in my 30s.

I have taken prescription medication for many years, but none of it is new, nor has it changed in many years, except Cymbalta, which I started in April, 2007. I don’t use illicit drugs. Of course, my diet could use improvement, but it’s not terrible.

The medications I currently take are:

Cymbalta 60 mg – depression
Zoloft 75 mg – depression/anxiety
Avapro 75 mg – high blood pressure
Lipitor 80 mg – high cholesterol
Trazodone 50 mg – sedative for bedtime
Clonazepam – anxiety for bedtime
Acidophilus – GI infections

I wouldn’t even say that urine smells as unpleasant as my ejaculate. What can I do or try?


Jane & Natalie

Dear Jane and Natalie,

I have not heard of this problem before, so initially I was completely stumped. Female ejaculate, like other bodily fluids such as tears, vaginal lubrication, etc., have certain tastes and smells that are “normal” or have a normal range. Your ejaculate falls out of the normal range. Therefore, what’s wrong?

I suspect the prescription drugs you are taking. It is an extensive list and you have been taking them for quite some time. I would see your doctor, and tell him or her about this side effect of burning, acidic ejaculate that you are experiencing. Also, consider getting a second and third opinion on your medical diagnoses and treatment plan—a standard practice in the health care industry.

I’m sorry, I don’t know of any natural remedy, food, tea or hydrosol to correct this problem. Should I stumble upon one, I will let you and the Fatale readers know. If anyone has any suggestions, please write in.

I feel compelled, as an herbalist, feminist and Goddess feminist, to comment here about pharmaceutical drug use.

1) As Goddess juice (female ejaculate), your ejaculate is, I believe, telling you—quite loudly—that these drugs aren’t that great for your body.

2) As a feminist, I believe it is worthwhile for us as a culture to take a look at the drugs we are taking in record numbers today. In the 1950s, women were popping sedatives in unprecedented numbers. Marilyn Monroe’s pill popping was not unusual for her gender and her time. As well, women were also undergoing lobotomies in record numbers. The complaints were for a “problem that has no name” as Betty Friedan made famous in her book, The Feminine Mystique. This is the book that started the 1960s feminist movement.

3) As an herbalist, these days the future is about going Green, and that includes what we put into our bodies. Natural alternatives support the body like food does, rather than overburden it with pharmaceutical chemicals—possibly destroying the utterly divine, fresh and light smell that is our female ejaculate.

In next month’s column, we will talk about toxic sex toys, plastics and phthalates.


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