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Yes, it’s true! The Crash Pad Series Volume 3 is out and if you love this series like we do, it’s a must-see as the saga of the crash pad rendezvous continues. The Crash Pad Series Volume 3

Director Shine Louise Houston reprises her role as the hidden voyeur, devouring the scenes before her. Butches, femmes, bois and transfolk all come to the crash pad for private trysts filled with delicious dyke sex.

This queer cornucopia has a little something for everyone—bondage in scene one, a luscious threeway in scene three, tender transmen in the fourth scene. The busty Red and her goateed lover Javier share the most romance, and a whole lotta passion in a surprising role reversal, in the last scene, which is in our opinion the second best one of the five.

Dylan in Crash Pad Series Volume 3Our favorite scene by far stars the femme Dylan. Lying in the dirty sheets Dallas and Shawn have just vacated, Dylan is magnificent in this solo self-love moment. And she doesn’t just stop at one orgasm!

If you too want “the key to the crash pad,” we recommend you start with The Crash Pad, a good introduction to what’s in store with these insatiable dykes. This is one sexy DVD.

Here’s a letter we received this past month from Janice M., in Clarksdale, Mississippi:

“Thank You just doesn’t express my gratitude for such an amazing product. I received The Crash Pad today and after viewing only part of the first scene, I was overjoyed at the beautiful women! It was like these women stepped out of MY dreams. Real lesbians, having real orgasms. O M G!!!

“Thank You. I can hardly wait till payday to begin building my own little ‘love library’ of scorching hot movies. You gals Rock.”

The Crash Pad Series Volume 2The Crash Pad Series Volume 1 picks right up where The Crash Pad left off. Next comes The Crash Pad Series Volume 2, with one of our favorite scenes, starring Dallas and Vai.

The Crash Pad Gift Set gives you the first three Crash Pad DVDs at a nice discount.

And don’t forget—you get free shipping on all DVDs through Christmas. No minimums!

Yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi

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  1. sydney says:

    I have all 4 Crash Pad videos and I like them a lot. I am concerned that one of two things is going on in some of these videos. Either I’m being led to believe something is happening that isn’t or I’m being censored and I’m not happy about either. Why is this being done?

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