Our dear friend Tony wrote to us with some more insights into the oftentimes mysterious world of straight kinky relationships.

We’ve known Tony for years, and he has shared his perspectives on sex and politics and the geopolitical shifts that allow our worlds to intersect. In another place and time, our worlds would probably have never met.

But that’s the fun thing about what we do! We meet people from all over the world and from all walks of life. This business offers a wonderful place for intersections.

Our friend’s latest letter was edited slightly to avoid the e-mail censors; this is his original letter to us:

“I would like to see posting the issue of pubic hair. As I told you before, my four girls have bushy pubic hair, which gives me a great sexual appetite for a good fuck.

“I did some surveying here [in Massachusetts], asking many women if they shave or keep growing their cunt hair and why? The women who shave believe that it will be easy for them to masturbate and to be licked from both sexes.

“The other women keep growing their pubic hair, because while masturbating they love to feel the hair and touch it, especially this excites them while they are taking a shower, see the shampoo on their pubic hair, as they believe this makes them feel that their privates are special, different from others’. When it comes to sex, they get more orgasm feeling, from the tongue on their pubic hair and the dick.

“As for me I adore the pubic hair to be bushy, because once my girls finish peeing on my face and in my mouth, I suck dry their pubic hair, while doing that my girls and me, we get extreme sexual excitement.”

Yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi

Bushy pubic hair on display in Afterschool SpecialP.S. To see bushy public areas on display, check out Full Load: Scenes from ssspread.com. The last scene, down in the laundry, is a particularly nice one.

P.P.S. To read the letter that preceded this one, see “Advice on a Sexual Issue (Drinking Pee).”

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