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Ask Fanny: Female Ejaculation During Pregnancy

Deborah SundahlG-spot expert and author Deborah Sundahl, a.k.a. Fanny Fatale, answers your questions about female ejaculation and the G-spot.

Dear Fanny,

Thank you so much for enlightening us with your knowledge on female ejaculation. My partner has been able to ejaculate effortlessly for the past number of years due to the beautiful insight from people such as yourself, Shannon Bell, Carol Queen and Susie Bright to name a few. She is currently 8 months pregnant and already lactating. It was just until recently she started clit pumping to make the clitoris as erect as possible for maximum pleasure, and then finishing with an Hitachi Magic Wand to spray everywhere. Since the past few weeks we have noticed an increase of ejaculate, and lactation occurring without even masturbation of the tits. How come there is more ejaculate when a woman is in her third trimester? Is it normal for a pregnant woman to masturbate herself 3-4 times daily this late in one’s pregnancy? What damage if any will occur from clit pumping?

Thanks for your time, and many blessings.

Regards, Pjr


Dear Pjr,

Since the female prostate was only sanctioned as an anatomical term by the medical profession three years ago, very few studies have been done on female ejaculation. Therefore, studies during pregnancy are many years away. What we rely on are personal experiences, so in that regard I thank you for writing in to tell us your experiences as your partner brings her baby to term.

Therefore, it would be interesting to hear from your partner about why she is pleasuring herself so often, and how it feels to be ejaculating so profusely. I surmise her ejaculate is very clear and exquisite in its “energetic taste and smell” during this special phase in her life.

I would encourage you to drink it, because her ejaculate is likely very full of vitamins, minerals and hormones. Ejaculate is a healthful elixir even without the supposed added benefit of pregnancy.

I am not surprised to hear that ejaculate increases during pregnancy, as do all fluids in the female body. Pregnancy is the prime “fertility goddess” phase in a woman’s lifecycle. Juicy, erotic, full, ripe… all pregnant women should be loved up and honored for the feminine archetype that they represent: fertility and abundance, creation, motherhood and love eternal. Flowing female ejaculate is its symbol. I encourage both of you to spend a little time reflecting on this higher meaning of pregnancy by digging a little deeper into its sacred mysteries.

The erotic sensation created by enlarging the clitoris with a sucking pump device can be appealing for some women. With such an exquisite ability to ejaculate so freely during pregnancy, I encourage her to back off a bit from the clitoral stimulation and focus visually and sensationally on the G-spot. The G-spot orgasm triggers 2/3 of the pelvic muscles, whereas the clitoral orgasm triggers only the first 1/3 of the pelvic muscles. Having stronger G-spot orgasms can help keep those important muscles fit for childbirth. In addition, it is much harder to ejaculate with a strictly clitoral orgasm, so if there is a lot of ejaculation now, there would be even more! Also, the G-spot’s natural orgasmic sensation is one of deep love—a wonderful heart opening in which to bring a new child into the world.

I’m sure the baby is benefiting now from all the endorphins running around in your partner’s body from all the good loving she is gifting herself with. You might want to consider going all the way; i.e., birth your child in the ejaculate waters. This practice was commonplace in ancient times, and some midwives today are reviving it. Since your partner is feeling so completely erotic—and it’s great that she is free enough to let go into ejaculating freely—why not embrace also the erotic feeling that is the inherent nature of pregnancy. The baby’s head will bear down upon that G-spot and ejaculate will flow along with birth blood and fluids, so have the orgasm to ease the pain, and birth your baby in the ejaculate waters! The child will surely be blessed.

Best wishes,



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