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The Crash Pad Series Volume 3 – Through the Keyhole – Lesbian Sex DVD

The Crash Pad Series, Volume 3

Through the Keyhole

100 minutes plus lots of bonus extras and director's commentary.

DVD: $29.95  

In Stock. Ships within 24 hours.

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The Crash Pad Series Volume 3
- Through the Keyhole

DVD and bonus extras: $29.95BUY NOW!

In Stock. Ships within 24 hours.


Shine Louise Houston's fourth lesbian and queer sex DVD is wall-to-wall genderfuck, with five hot sex scenes to make you grab your vibrator—or your sweetie—and get down and dirty.

"Somebody just made a copy of the key," we hear Shine say from her secret enclave. That bit of suspense heightens the scenes—someone could walk in at any moment.

Indeed, the sexy Dylan watches too from behind a curtained closet door as Dallas and Shawn have some serious thigh-slapping, dildo-sucking, doggy-style restraint play. For bondage fans, the ropework and knots are a sight to behold. The sex that follows—Dallas's feet still bound, her arms at last freed after some riotous sex, the hidden fisting that is all too easy to imagine—is sweet stuff.

Dallas and Shawn unbound
Dallas and Shawn unbound

Then Dylan creeps out of the closet and throws herself on the dirty sheets left behind by Shawn and Dallas. This femme is hot! With her stripper-style waxed pussy and fingers that know exactly what they're doing, Dylan brings herself to orgasm again and again. A magnificent masturbation solo act, the best scene in the movie.

Dylan's masturbation scene - best in the movie
Dylan's masturbation scene

A raucous dyke threeway highlights the second scene, with Princess Donna, Lorelei Lee and Jake. Lorelei's shaved pussy is just the thing for both the bleached-blond Princess and manly Jake. These three do it every which way, each of them taking turns on the bottom, and the action never stops.

Loreli Lee and Princess Donna go after Jake
Loreli Lee and Princess Donna
go after Jake

Everybody gets fucked in this threeway, but not before the hair-pulling, finger-fucking, sucking Jake's big bulging dildo, slapping, serious dildo action and a dose of mock-choking. The femmes' screaming orgasms are as real as they get. Especially clit-teasing was Princess Donna's G-spot orgasm at the end.
For the boi-boi crowd, don't miss Bill Jack Gunn and "cousin" Paul Gunn's sweet and sensitive lovemaking in Scene 4. Here the pussies are shot close up, the swelling boi-cocks and juice just oozing. Most surprising in this scene is the squirting orgasm at the end. Not what you'd expect from this expressive couple!
Tender Transmen
Tender Transmen

Javier and Red star in the last scene, and it's a goodie on this DVD. Sweet and passionate, these two are in love.

When a butch boi with a goatee opens a scene wearing pink lace panties, you know you’re in for more surprises. The femme has gorgeous tits, and she wears the strap-on in the family. Lots of strapon sex here!

Javier gives it up for Red
Javier gives it up for Red
Slow and easy ("Not faster, just harder," she says at one point) with kisses and gentle touches in between, these two have chemistry and aren’t afraid to show their soft sides. Don’t miss Red’s explosive orgasm!

A must for anyone who follows the naughty sex that happens in The Crash Pad.

Especially recommended for fans of Full Load: Scenes from ssspread.com.

DVD: $29.95
In Stock. Ships within 24 hours.
The Crash Pad Series:
Volume 3 - Through the Keyhole

100 minutes. $29.95. DVD includes outtakes and bonus extras.

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