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Hi Deborah,
My name is Dave. Thanks for your great info online. I heard about you from that Playboy Radio show.

My question is this…

My wife has been a squirter for years. We are both very oral…and she swallows my semen quite often, an act I believe to be common and not dangerous, when we have oral sex.

On the flip side…is it safe to swallow her ejaculate???

I know that what comes out of me is semen. I’m unsure what it is that releases from her body. Some say urine…some say other fluid…

I would assume that swallowing urine would give me some kind of staff virus or other disease…

Please let me know if you believe it to be safe to swallow this fluid.

I have in the past and I don’t mind the taste. Are there ways to change the taste?

I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks.

Dave in Boca Raton, Florida

Dear Dave,
Thank you for writing me with your question! Was it not clear on the Playboy Radio Afternoon Advice show (Sirius and XM 99) with Tiffany Granath that female ejaculation is not urine?

Female ejaculate is prostatic fluid, and it has the most fresh and uplifting smell with no taste. Female ejaculation also contains a good dose of glucose (sugar), with tiny amounts of urea and creatin.

Urine does not seep into female ejaculate any more often than it seeps into male ejaculate, which some men experience rather often. Same for women.

As to your question about urine, yogis and some alternative health people drink their morning’s urine every day to stay healthy, and sometimes to cure illnesses. Other health uses include those by Mexican laborers who, when using their ancient tradition and beautifully skilled craftsmanship in building rock walls, pee on cuts to their hands to stop infections or to cool down the pain. Ditto the sting of bug bites, to name only a few other medicinal uses for one’s own urine. So, a little urine doesn’t hurt anyone, and could do you good.

I would look online for things to make the urine less darkly dense and offensively smelly; these would probably – in general – also do the same to keep the ejaculate fresher – both yours and hers.

Of course, if you had an STD (sexually transmitted disease), that could be transmitted to your partner by your semen-ejaculate. The same would be true for female ejaculate.

Hope this helps! Keep enjoying and loving!


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