Valentine’s Day Dread for Singles

Shar RednourBy Shar Rednour

Jackie and I used to always have a big Valentine’s Day party every year with invitations that read “To Singles, couples, multiples that we like or that we will like once we meet you!” No Wendy Whiners allowed.

Many people hate or dread Valentine’s Day. It is made up by Hallmark, after all. Those very people loved our party. We put on the love for everyone. It was a great excuse to get dressed up and dance and hug and be schmaltzy and share the love. That whole couple Valentine’s Day article I wrote is actually what we do on our private anniversary. We always put on a public Valentine’s Day so that everyone has a good time sharing our fun and love.

I could write some fun and sassy masturbation or group-sex article. But actually I think that you should throw a Valentine’s Day party even if it’s small and for only a few people. We had a pink potluck party one year where everyone had to bring a pink food. Some of it was yummy; most of it was hilarious. My friend Patrick made a pink Jello mold creation from his mom’s 1973 recipe that we couldn’t stop laughing over and finally threw the leftovers out into the gutter in the San Francisco rain. IT NEVER MELTED! I walked past it for days, and it was still there jiggling!!!

If you want to take your party up a notch, make a porn potluck theme–Positions You Would Like to Try. Dyke Porn Stars You Would Like to Do.

Or play truth-or-dare porn. Watch Full Load or Special Delivery and get your friends to confess to what they have done, will do and would never do. The ideas are endless. The point is, anyone can stick her nose up at a created holiday and sit at home eating microwave popcorn, or you can decide it is a good time in the cold winter to have some laughs, share your affections with your friends and get heated up from the inside out.

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