Facebook invitations are a dime a dozen, and we ignore most of them. But every now and then, some invite captures our imagination…or plain old curiosity.

An invitation to like “Love”—just Love with a capital L, nothing more—sounded worthwhile. Who doesn’t like love? Who doesn’t love to be loved?

Well, we did see that tables-turned HBO documentary Teenage Paparazzo. Maybe love can go too far.

Ditto with stalking. Which is kinda what the paparazzi do on a regular basis. And we love them for it, those camera-wielders.

From the “Like” Love area we moved on to see what else had recently been posted, and we found io9’s piece “about this weekend’s conference for brainy pervs,” “The future of sexology comes to San Francisco with the Arse Elektronika conference.” Great photo.

Carol Queen We recommend Saturday evening “Making Spaces for Sex: From Rituals to Parties to Playa” hosted by Carol Queen. 8:30 PM. There’s more information at Monochrom.

Carol Queen, in case you don’t know, instructs and stars in (with hubby Robert Morgan) Fatale’s bestselling Bend Over Boyfriend. Worth a look, if you haven’t seen this or tried it yourself.

When it comes to science fiction and sex, though, to our minds nobody tops Shar Rednour’s Sugar High Glitter City when it comes to pure dyke sci-fi sex.

Named “Best Lesbian Porn” by, there’s some of the hottest dildo action in this we’ve ever seen.

Till next time, yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi

P.S. Click here to see all Fatale’s videos.

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