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Free Shipping Extended

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

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Here’s a recent note from a customer:

I had never watched porn before I bought Sugar High Glitter City from you. I thought it was fascinating…and hot! Thank you for having a good selection of interesting porn for me to explore and a very simple and not-creepy website!

Extended through January 15, 2013, you get free fast shipping from Fatale (half-price outside the U.S.).

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Bestselling Sexy Gifts

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Now through Christmas, you get free shipping on all orders sent within the U.S., and half-price shipping outside the U.S.

What’s hot this Christmas at Fatale:

Love & Lust - Sugar High Glitter City• Fatale’s new gift set Love & Lust is popular this year.





Crash Pad Series Volume 4 spanking• The Crash Pad Series Further Adventures gift set is a bestseller!





Bend Over Boyfriend 2• Top of the list is the classic Bend Over Boyfriend Gift Set,  Fatale’s #1 bestseller and a must-see for the people on your list who are adventurous…or simply curious.

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Spotlight On: Shar Rednour

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

It’s been really, really hot throughout most of the U.S. over the last month or so. Sticky, yucky hot, not sexy hot. The weather is finally breaking, and for that we’re grateful.

For sexy hot, we’ve been gathering our favorite images and playing on Pinterest. Which got us thinking that we should create a sort of corollary for a blog posting we did a little while back, “Butches We Love.”

Why not take a look at some femmes we love?

So here goes, introducing “Spotlight On.”

Shar Rednour by Smeeta Mahanti

Spotlight On:

Shar Rednour, Femme We Love

Shar Rednour is probably best known for her role as the director and head diva of S.I.R. Video, taking the helm and starring in some of the hottest, sexiest porn we’ve seen, including Hard Love and How to Fuck in High Heels.

She is also the author of the fabulous The Femme’s Guide to the Universe, now available as an e-book.

Femmes Guide to the UniverseHere’s a snip:

“As a child, I perfected the art of making my mom and aunts tell me stories. I now turned my craft onto Susie, Honey Lee, Nan and Debi….

“I wanted to know if Susie [Bright] had always been femme and, if so, had she been ostracized like I had. Did Debi [Sundahl] really teach all the Mitchell Brothers strippers to fist in latex gloves?

Had Honey Lee [Cottrell], a motorcycle-riding, crew-cut sporting bulldagger, ever guessed she’d be pushing a baby carriage through Noe Valley? Nan [Kinney] insisted that all 70s lesbians were not in overalls on communes but some were snorting coke on the dance floors just like the gay boys.

Oh my lovely lessons!”

Hard Love and How to Fuck in High Heels remains one of Fatale’s bestsellers. Ditto Sugar High Glitter City. Both of these were named “Best Lesbian Porn” by

Talk to Me Baby with Shar on TopOn the nonfiction side of things, Talk to Me Baby is a how-to about talking dirty, and it’s really the best there is for exploring seductive bedroom talk.

Healing Sex: The Complete Guide to Sexual Wholeness, which Shar directed and  stars Staci Haines, takes a deep, healing look at trauma, abuse and betrayal.

Perhaps she is best-known for her direction of Bend Over Boyfriend and Bend Over Boyfriend 2. These groundbreaking, critically acclaimed videos changed—and charged—the conversation between men and women.

Want to nominate someone for Spotlight On? Send us an e-mail or a message in Facebook!   Yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi

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Jingle, Jingle – Great Sexy Gifts from Fatale Media

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

Free Holiday Shipping at Fatale Media

Great Sexy Gifts from Fatale Media


Live Sex Show DVD * * * Live Sex ShowNew! from Courtney Trouble

You can’t go wrong with the invincible Nina Hartley and oh-so-willing Jiz Lee.





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Talk to Me Baby* * * Talk to Me Baby

Straight, gay, lesbian, you name it.

Shar Rednour reveals her deepest secrets in talking dirty for lovers.




Sugar High Glitter City* * * Sugar High Glitter City

Fantasy to the max! Sugar is outlawed, and these dykes will do anything to get it, even selling their own bodies!





Happy Holidays from Fatale Media!

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Last Two Days – Pride Special Ends Tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Finger Sucking in Hard LoveIt’s the last two days for Fatale Media’s Gay Pride Special10% off all orders and free shipping in the U.S. Plus, Fatale’s specially priced gift sets offer up even more savings – 25% or more!

Hot tickets include Hard Love and How to Fuck in High Heels by the inimitable Shar Rednour and Jackie Strano of S.I.R. Video. (This pic, finger sucking, is from Hard Love.)

If you’ve never seen S.I.R. Video’s Sugar High Glitter City, that’s worth checking out too.

Celebrate pride! Celebrate sexy!

Your Sexy E-mails

Friday, March 18th, 2011

In the last month or so we’ve gotten a couple interesting e-mails…not about exhibitionism or voyeurism, per this month’s poll, but about what’s out there now, and what’s new at Fatale.

Here’s one note, from an old friend we’ll call S.:
“It’s been a while. Was just wondering how things were going at Fatale. The last time we conversed was about fisting and the political implications. I’m not sure if the present administration had anything to do with it or not, but the truth is you can find it almost anywhere on the Internet now. I was wondering if you guys had anything new featuring this or any plans for the future.”

It is our understanding that this act–lesbians fisting–is still verboten when it comes to lesbian and specifically lesbian-made explicit films. And from what porn we’ve seen online, the dykes aren’t real. If you know otherwise, let us know.

Sexy JanelleHere’s a second e-mail that warmed our hearts because we think women in men’s clothes is still a sexy sight. It’s from a fan who wishes to remain anonymous:
“Sometime back I sent you a list of female celebrities who wore men’s clothes (e.g. Madonna, Salma Hayek).”

He goes on to mention several celebrities, including Britney Spears (“Me Against the Music”); Heather Morris, who wore a similar outfit in the Glee episode “Brittany Britney”; Christina Aguilera (“Ain’t No Other Man”); Rihanna; Lady Gaga; singer Janelle Monae (she even wears masculine shoes); and one can find many other photos of women in men’s clothes on Flickr and Youtube.

He adds: “I should point out that sexual orientation doesn’t necessarily play a role when a woman chooses to dress like a man.”

Here’s a follow-up note headed “Women and Neckties” from this same anonymous correspondent:
“You’ve probably seen Anne Hathaway’s skit at the Oscars in which she wore a tuxedo.  I recently found out that Carrie Underwood wore a tux during a performance last year, and that Taylor Swift wore a tux for the cover of a magazine.

Also, actress Robia LaMorte wore a tuxedo in the TV series Silk Stalkings, in the episode called ‘Do You Believe In Magic?’”

Spoiler Alert:
We found the Silk Stalkings episode on YouTube, uploaded this past Valentine’s Day, with this creepy copy: “A ventriloquist’s dummy with its own dark history is the only lead to a tuxedoed serial killer.”

All that said, if you like cross-dressing in porn, check out Sugar High Glitter City or Hard Love and How to Fuck in High Heels.

Nobody does it quite like Shar Rednour and Jackie Strano, the masterminds behind S.I.R. Videos (Fatale Media is their distributor). The “sugar pimps and dandy hos” in Sugar High are drool-worthy.

Celebrities in the lesbian world of porn for sure!

Send us your notes, and write on our Fatale Media Facebook wall. We love to hear your thoughts.

Yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi


Friday, October 1st, 2010

Facebook invitations are a dime a dozen, and we ignore most of them. But every now and then, some invite captures our imagination…or plain old curiosity.

An invitation to like “Love”—just Love with a capital L, nothing more—sounded worthwhile. Who doesn’t like love? Who doesn’t love to be loved?

Well, we did see that tables-turned HBO documentary Teenage Paparazzo. Maybe love can go too far.

Ditto with stalking. Which is kinda what the paparazzi do on a regular basis. And we love them for it, those camera-wielders.

From the “Like” Love area we moved on to see what else had recently been posted, and we found io9’s piece “about this weekend’s conference for brainy pervs,” “The future of sexology comes to San Francisco with the Arse Elektronika conference.” Great photo.

Carol Queen We recommend Saturday evening “Making Spaces for Sex: From Rituals to Parties to Playa” hosted by Carol Queen. 8:30 PM. There’s more information at Monochrom.

Carol Queen, in case you don’t know, instructs and stars in (with hubby Robert Morgan) Fatale’s bestselling Bend Over Boyfriend. Worth a look, if you haven’t seen this or tried it yourself.

When it comes to science fiction and sex, though, to our minds nobody tops Shar Rednour’s Sugar High Glitter City when it comes to pure dyke sci-fi sex.

Named “Best Lesbian Porn” by, there’s some of the hottest dildo action in this we’ve ever seen.

Till next time, yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi

P.S. Click here to see all Fatale’s videos.

Sexy Halloween Dress-up

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Sugar High Glitter City DVDHalloween is one of our favorite times of the year, because we can play dress-up! We’ve dressed up now and then on past Halloweens, and sometimes during the year too, but this year we thought we’d just watch other people dress up and have sex.

Our favorite dress-up sex DVDs are Sugar High Glitter City–voted “Best Lesbian Porn” by–and Courtney Trouble’s Nostalgia.

The discerning judges at wrote about S.I.R. Video’s Sugar High Glitter City starring Shar Rednour: “A delightful combo of hot filth and pseudo-sci-fi…”

Lesbian_Threeway_NostalgiaNostalgia is another beast altogether. The doctor and nurse dress-up scenes are by turns funny and frightening in only a way that a true parody can be scary.

The staged lesbian threeway…kind of a performance art parody…starts the action, and Courtney Trouble just takes it from there.

We urge you to have some fun this Halloween too. Especially because it’s a Saturday night, you can stay up all night long guilt-free, sleep in on Sunday and just plain enjoy your sweetheart.