The Crash Pad Series Volume 6

Shine Louise Houston’s new Crash Pad DVD opens with the beautiful Dylan Ryan and Jiz Lee going big, bigger, biggest! Whoa, baby.

Four more scenes grab you after that–

–Casey and Tina in a tingling spanking and bondage scene.

–Cyd Loverboy and James Darling in a “Hitchhiker”-like butch/FTM scene that starts with some boot-licking and only gets hotter.

–A real hitchhiker scene starring Carson, who picks up the beautiful black Ray and takes her to the Crash Pad. The only interracial sex in the movie is one of the best scenes.

–The best scene in The Crash Pad Series Volume 6 is saved for last, with Sidney and Summer Vega… Lots of kissing, hugging and playful, real-life dyke sex. Ooh-la-la!

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