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Hard Femme

Saturday, July 20th, 2013

Hard Femme Lesbian Curves 2

From the award-winning Courtney Trouble comes an all-new lesbian DVD, Hard Femme: Lesbian Curves 2. If you liked Lesbian Curves, or if you like big girls and bondage, you’ll love this new offering.

A star-studded cast (April Flores, Kelly Shibari, Betty Blac) is interspersed with a few new beauties, led by Courtney Trouble herself.

Courtney told us, “Just lesbians! Hard Femme is longer, prettier, and it’s rougher—but it’s still super romantic/high chemistry. There’s a lot of strap-on sex here too.”

Read more about this new lesbian DVD, which comes with the file so that you can view it on your mobile devices, or simply save it to your computer. Order now to get this sexy new title.

Hard Femme’s motto: Soft girls, rough sex.

Yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi

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Lesbian Curves by Courtney Trouble

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

Hold on to your vibrators! Lesbian Curves, Courtney Trouble’s new DVD, is set to ship this week.

Lesbian Curves

Order it now and you get free shipping through January 15, 2013.

Lesbian Curves is a celebration of big, beautiful femmes who pleasure each other in big, lusty embraces. Get ready to snuggle up!

The full-length, 80-minute film was shot in HD, is well produced with soft, sensual music and gives you four hot scenes plus bonuses, trailers and more that will get you in the mood for love.

Lesbian Curves Courtney and Sandy

Courtney Trouble, the director of Live Sex Show, Nostalgia, Seven Minutes in Heaven and Roulette, writes about her latest movie:

Sultry body worship, sensuous kissing, playful taunting, sex toys, chemistry and hard-core lesbian fucking are what make Lesbian Curves the genre-busting adult film you’ve been craving. This full-length feature is full of luscious skin, bodacious bodies and intense orgasms, brought to you by the fiercest femmes in porn, soaking wet and thirsty for passionate, curvaceous, gritty, real lesbian sex.”

You can order Lesbian Curves and have these luscious BBW femmes in your lap by next week.

Yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi

P.S. Read more about Lesbian Curves.

P.P.S. Free fast shipping is extended on all items through January 15, 2013. Half-price outside the U.S. No minimums. All orders ship within 24 hours, or one business day. See all Fatale’s sexy movies.

New Crash Pad Series 6 DVD is a Keeper

Friday, March 18th, 2011

We adore Shine Louise Houston, and her new Crash Pad Series Volume 6 DVD is a keeper.

And a Fatale bestseller.

Five all-new lesbian/queer (mostly lesbian) scenes are enough to make any self-respecting dyke squirm. Squirm, baby, squirm!

“Themes,” if you will, include butch/femme/FTM moments, interracial sex, spanking and bondage. The last scene, starring Summer Vega and Sidney, is pure romance.

In stock and ships within 24 hours.

Read more about The Crash Pad Series Volume 6.

Order now!

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The Crash Pad Series Volume 6

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Shine Louise Houston’s new Crash Pad DVD opens with the beautiful Dylan Ryan and Jiz Lee going big, bigger, biggest! Whoa, baby.

Four more scenes grab you after that–

–Casey and Tina in a tingling spanking and bondage scene.

–Cyd Loverboy and James Darling in a “Hitchhiker”-like butch/FTM scene that starts with some boot-licking and only gets hotter.

–A real hitchhiker scene starring Carson, who picks up the beautiful black Ray and takes her to the Crash Pad. The only interracial sex in the movie is one of the best scenes.

–The best scene in The Crash Pad Series Volume 6 is saved for last, with Sidney and Summer Vega… Lots of kissing, hugging and playful, real-life dyke sex. Ooh-la-la!

The latest DVD from Shine Louise Houston is in stock and ships within 24 hours.

Order now!

You’ll have it by Valentine’s Day and won’t be sorry!

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What’s New & Recommended from Fatale

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Here’s what’s new and what’s recently recommended from Fatale. Order now, no later than January 15, 2010, and receive free shipping:

Crash Pad Series Volume 5: The Revolving Door

“The kinkiest of the Crash Pad series so far and features lots of plays of dominance, submissive power struggles, switching and hardcore…” wrote Viviane’s Sex Carnival.




One Night Stand

“We have femme on femme, butch on butch, tranny boi on light butch; this film has a bit of it all. Strap-ons, latex, nipple clamps, vibes, fists, ass play OH MY! …. From kissing to fisting to strapping it on, Zooey was delighted the whole way through!…” wrote Slutgirl’s Miss Zooey.



The Courtney Trouble Gift Set – Save 15%

Courtney Trouble’s Roulette and Nostalgia, two hot DVDs, show this creative new voice on the scene of queer porn and erotic exploration. Plus you save 15% on this popular gift set.

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Treat Yourself: Crash Pad Series Volume 5

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

New from the prolific and sharp-eyed Shine Louise Houston comes the latest in The Crash Pad series, The Crash Pad Series Volume 5: The Revolving Door.

Crash Pad Series Volume 5 August_and_Stacy_200w“The kinkiest of the Crash Pad series so far and features lots of plays of dominance, submissive power struggles, switching and hardcore…” wrote Viviane’s Sex Carnival.

For fans of The Crash Pad, this latest offering is a must-see. A real treat.

Read more about and see a trailer from The Crash Pad Series Volume 5.

New: Seven Minutes in Heaven

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Tina Horn and Jae in Seven Minutes in HeavenThe inimitable Courtney Trouble has done it again with her new Seven Minutes in Heaven: Coming Out.

Unscripted and untamed, here’s a two-hour gonzo queer fest featuring a diverse cast of seven queers—mostly newbies to the camera. It’s sexy and fun—they play Spin the Bottle and Truth or Dare to decide how and when to have sex.

If you like Afterschool Special and the group scenes, you’ll especially like Sophia’s consensual gangbang in Seven Minutes in Heaven .

Read more about and see pictures from Courtney Trouble’s Seven Minutes to Heaven: Coming Out.

Fatale Recommends: Courtney Trouble

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Courtney Trouble is a new voice on the scene of queer porn and erotic exploration. Two new DVDs show her imagination and sensibility, and are now available at Fatale!

Roulette by Courtney TroubleCourtney Trouble’s Roulette is a good starting point to getting into Courtney’s groove. Her humor comes through as well as her keen eye. The first scene in Roulette is a tender real-life-lovers lesbian scene. There is a trailer on this page – – so check it out!

If you like Full Load and The Crash Pad and its subsequent series, you’ll like Courtney Trouble’s Roulette.

Nostalgia by Courtney TroubleAlso directed by Courtney Trouble, Nostalgia is a tongue-in-cheek (not that kind of cheek!) exploration of the early days of porn. Trouble features all manner of butches, femmes and other dykes. There is one disturbing scene in here, but in our opinion it is redeemed by the sexy fourway romp between two big girls and their girlfriends.

Good deal: When you buy Roulette and Nostalgia together and you’ll save 15%.

See all Fatale’s DVDs.

Roulette and Nostalgia

Thursday, October 1st, 2009
Photo: Tiger Shae

Photo: Tiger Shae

Courtney Trouble’s queer porn DVDs are new at Fatale and highly recommended.

Roulette is a mix of scenes that range from the tender opening lovemaking between two real-life lesbian lovers to a music video by Emilie Jouvet to a late-night masturbatory milk binge.

Nostalgia gives a nod to the late Marilyn Chambers, and Courtney Trouble’s tongue-in-cheek humor comes through in this queer parody

There are trailers on these pages too.

And when you buy Roulette and Nostalgia together and you’ll save 15%.

See all Fatale’s DVDs.


Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

We got a call from our old friend Norm not long ago. He spent about a year taking porn movies—including Fatale’s—to film students for screenings. Film students at Columbia University, the New School and New York University all saw Fatale’s DVDs. Ostensibly, Norm’s research was to benefit sex therapists, and it may still.

But Norm’s “findings” were what fascinated us:

hungry hearts hot tub sceneHungry Hearts was voted “Greatest turn-on,” and “More erotic than any other film.”

Why? Because the film students loved the strawberry scene in the hot tub. They loved the strawberry and they loved the blindfold. They also liked that the brunette is unshaven.

Strawberries are in season now. Blindfolds and romance are always in season. If you want more inspiration, check out Hungry Hearts.

Yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi