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Celebrate #FistingDay

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

#FistingDay 2014A huge thank-you to the inimitable Jiz Lee for the tireless promotion of fisting. #FistingDay is a big part of it.

P.S. You know Jiz Lee as a star in several bestselling and award-winning lesbian porn flicks, including The Wild Search, Champion – Love Hurts, The Crash Pad Series Volume 1, The Crash Pad Series Volume 4 – Rope Burn and The Crash Pad Series Volume 6 – Wide Open. Jiz is totally hot! We’re in love!

Top 5 Bestsellers at Fatale

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

We know you wanted to know which DVDs are selling like hotcakes this month here at Fatale Media. Plus, we offer free gift-wrapping (including nice birthday gift-wrap) and personalized gift cards!

Bend Over Boyfriend Gift Set




1. Bend Over Boyfriend – Fatale’s bestselling classic that teaches women how to treat their men to strap-on anal sex.

50 Shades of Dylan Ryan




2. 50 Shades of Dylan Ryan – Winner of the Feminist Porn Awards’ Hottest Kink Movie, directed by Madison Young.

Lesbian Curves 3 Soft Girls and Strap-ons




3. Lesbian Curves 3: Soft Girls and Strap-ons – the latest in the Lesbian Curves series from Courtney Trouble.

Crash Pad Series Volume 3





4. Crash Pad Series Volume 3 – Featuring one of the best lesbian masturbation scenes we’ve seen.


The Crash Pad Series Volume 4





5. Crash Pad Series Volume 4 – Director Shine Louise Houston zeros in on gender queer sex with real butches and femmes, interracial sex and a spicy dose of S&M in this standout video.

What’s your favorite sexy video? Comment here!

5 Favorites from the Best Directors Working

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

We’re looking forward to Toronto, to seeing the stars, producers and directors of a wide range of the best feminist porn available.

Here are 5 favorite flicks, a completely idiosyncratic selection of bestsellers, from the best lesbian porn directors we know:

Shine Louise Houston

1. Shine Louise Houston – The original Crash Pad is the best vision of a sexcapade we know, leading to a series we find irresistible.

Shar Rednour

2. Shar Rednour – Hard Love and How to Fuck in High Heels. The gold standard for carnal dyke lust and hardcore bring-it-on.

Courtney Trouble

3. Courtney Trouble – From the director of the sexy Lesbian Curves, Roulette is a charmer and one of our favorites from this prolific star.


Madison Young

4. Madison Young – The seductive, stylized Queer Manor remains our favorite Madison fantasy.


Nan Kinney and Deborah Sundahl

5. Nan Kinney and Deborah Sundahl – The classic Suburban Dykes from Fatale Media stars Nina Hartley and Miss Sharon Mitchell. Required viewing for fans and students of feminist lesbian porn.

Bestselling Sexy Gifts

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Now through Christmas, you get free shipping on all orders sent within the U.S., and half-price shipping outside the U.S.

What’s hot this Christmas at Fatale:

Love & Lust - Sugar High Glitter City• Fatale’s new gift set Love & Lust is popular this year.





Crash Pad Series Volume 4 spanking• The Crash Pad Series Further Adventures gift set is a bestseller!





Bend Over Boyfriend 2• Top of the list is the classic Bend Over Boyfriend Gift Set,  Fatale’s #1 bestseller and a must-see for the people on your list who are adventurous…or simply curious.

See all Fatale’s Romantic Gift Sets.

Check out what calls “the best lesbian porn.”


Jingle, Jingle

Saturday, December 1st, 2012

Is it possible jingle bells are ringing already? The Salvation Army started ringing bells in mid November in the grocery store not far from us. They held off on the Santa hats till after Thanksgiving, though.

Here are three new sexy gift sets we think you’ll love. You’ll save 15% and more!

Plus, you get free fast shipping with no minimums and no wait! All orders ship within 24 hours.

Check these out. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect gift:

Shine On!
A tribute to Shine Louise Houston, three must-see vids from the director of The Crash Pad.

Love & Lust
By far the most popular bestsellers on the lesbian front.

The Crash Pad Series Further Adventures
If she liked The Crash Pad and the Crash Pad Series, she’ll love this!

Not sure what to get? Try a  Fatale Media Gift Certificate.

Yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi

P.S. Free shipping now through Christmas! Half-price outside the U.S. Here’s Fatale’s Holiday Shipping Schedule.

P.P.S. Check out what calls “the best lesbian porn.”


Sex Tips: How to Introduce Kink

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Whether you’ve been together for decades or just hooking up, introducing kink to your relationship shouldn’t be embarrassing or difficult. We recommend going slow, and depending on how serious you are, it may involve some lessons.

Lesson #1. Put away 50 Shades of Grey.

Assuming kink hasn’t been in your sex life from the beginning, adding kinky sex to your arsenal can spark a relationship and ensure you’re never bored. Lesbian bed death? No way!

Crash Pad Series Volume 4 spanking

Do you know what you want? Perhaps you’ve seen pictures or videos of lovers tying each other up or you like the idea of spanking.

If you don’t know what you want, take some time to look around the Web and watch videos. No question, we always recommend watching porn!

Madison Young in Queer ManorLesson #2. Express yourself.

There are myriad ways to tell your sweetie you want to kink it up in bed. Here are two that work: 1) Just do it while you’re making love. Spank her lightly. Pull out that new whip you just bought and tap her bum. Wear the latex brassiere. Start sucking her toes. Act out your fetish and see what her reaction is. 2) Ask her, whether or not you’re in bed.

Lesson #3. Take your kink out of the bedroom. Are you pierced? Take it up a notch and wear a heavier ring to work. Try wearing nipple clamps to a party. Corsets are nice under work clothes too.

Lesson #4. Less is more. Play safe. If you’re unsure of what you’re doing, stop.

Lesson #5. Enjoy the ride. Listen to your body, love yourself and your partner.

The MarketplaceAnd if you want to read a book to get that pussy wet, try The Marketplace by Laura Antoniou. There may be lots of other places to start, but this one is the classic BDSM novel, and our favorite.

It’s the first in a trilogy, and there are links to read the first chapters, get books, e-books and more at Laura’s blog.



Fatale Media Top 5 Bestsellers

Friday, August 31st, 2012

For the summer of 2012, here are the top 5 bestsellers:

Bend Over Boyfriend Gift Set1. Bend Over Boyfriend

– “Part sex education, part erotic show and tell” (




2. One Night Stand

– “Downright delicious….and definitely a must for the collection of any queer porn connoisseur.” (SexGeek)



3. The Crash Pad Series Volume 6

– “Great spankings, some excellent fucking, and the sweetest ending I’ve seen in kinky porn.” (PurrVersatility)




Hard Love and How to Fuck in High Heels4. Hard Love and How to Fuck in High Heels

– “Loads of lesbian lust” (Curve)




5. The Crash Pad Series Volume 1

– Wall-to-wall lesbian. (Fatale review)





Runner up was The Crash Pad, the lesbian phenomenon by Shine Louise Houston that started it all!


Thank You!

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Thank you!

Thank you so much for making Fatale Media’s June Gay Pride Sale a success!

The surprise #1 seller during the sale? One Night Stand by Emilie Jouvet. Wow!

Other top sellers included Hard Love and How to Fuck in High Heels, Bend Over Boyfriend Gift SetThe Crash Pad Series Volume 6 and Coming Home…in that order.

You can still get a great deal–buy three DVDs and get free shipping in the U.S. Enjoy!

P.S. There’s a new poll up, too: What’s your porn style? Vote now! The poll is Fatale Media’s home page.

The Best Interracial Real Dyke Sex Scenes

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Shine Louise Houston, Crash Pad director, as the Ghost of Rick James

Thinking a lot about race lately, maybe because President Obama came out in favor of gay marriage this past week. In the hullaballoo that followed, we were struck by how not that long ago, interracial marriage was illegal too.

In fact, interracial dyke sex scenes are not as prevalent as one might think.

Just to see what else was out there, we did a quick search. Did we really think we’d find real dyke porn ranked high on Google? But there was nothing real in the results searching best interracial dyke sex scenes.

There were pictures of professional (straight) porn stars pretending to make love, and really it was all for the camera. Alas.

But hey, that’s why Fatale Media exists.

So without further ado:

The Best Interracial Real Dyke Sex Scenes

– a completely subjective list –

Ray hitchhikes in The Crash Pad Series Volume 6

Ray, The Crash Pad Series Volume 6

1. The Crash Pad Series Volume 6 by Shine Louise Houston.

The hitchhiker scene is one of our favorites, certainly one of the best scenes in the movie, wherein Carson picks up the beautiful Ray and takes her to the Crash Pad. Yum.




Coming Home

2. Coming Home by Carolyn Caizzi.

The real-life interracial couple Miss Angelene and Chance play a lovely Peter Pan and Tinkerbell fantasy.



Jiz Lee and Papi Coxxx in The Wild Search

Jiz and Papi in The Wild Search

3. The Wild Search, also by Shine Louise Houston. Here we get a threeway with Wil and Papi, who take the willing Jiz Lee. This scene won a Feminist Porn Award, and rightly so. The choo-choo train is one of the most memorable scenes in queer dyke porn!



Tina Horn and Jae in Seven Minutes in Heaven

Tina Horn and Jae, Seven Minutes in Heaven

4. Seven Minutes in Heaven by Courtney Trouble.

Viviane’s Sex Carnival called this nonstop sex flick “A  fantastic fuck-fest featuring strap-ons and gang-bangs, spanking, role-play and  power exchanges….

“Where one scene ends, the other begins and the sex and play seems to go on forever, with bodies changing places….reveling in hot, sexy, authentic, queer, smoldering, diverse,  inter-racial hardcore sex.”






Ava and Luke in Turn Me Up
Ava and Luke in Turn Me Up Over and On

5. Turn Me Up Over and On. Does this olive-skinned beauty Ava and her pale-skinned butch lover Luke qualify as interracial sex? We think it deserves another look.

Amateur porn at its best, with a touch of suspense, romance and two gorgeous bodies have wild, heady sex. Coupled with Afterschool Special, which features a diverse cast, Turn Me Up Over and On still makes us tingle.


#   #   #

You can see more about and read reviews of our favorite dyke videos here:


New Poll: When Do You Masturbate?

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

We urge you to comment on your experiences–simply click “Post a comment” below.

Last month, the notion of not watching porn was mostly a nonstarter when we wondered if you needed a reason to watch porn.

Check out the results.

This month, it’s up to you to guess where we were when we came up with this sex poll question:

When do you masturbate?

Vote now! The poll is on Fatale’s home page and is completely anonymous.

We’ll give you the results next month.

Until next time, we wish you deliciously hot sex,

Nan and Christi

Dylan masturbating in Crash Pad Series Volume 3

P.S. The superb Dylan provides one of our favorite masturbation scenes in Shine Louise Houston’s The Crash Pad Series Volume 3 – Through the Keyhole.